The Phenomenal Aspects of Growing Older: Enhancing the Quality of Life at 50+

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rather than being “over the hill,” multiple millions of people 50+ are
really on top of the hill with the ability to pick up speed going down
the other side for many more years. It is essential that we draw
substantially from this growing talent pool for the benefit of qualified
people 50+ who want to continue in productive activities, employers who
need qualified employees, and America’s economic growth.

The Center for Productive Longevity (CPL), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, is
holding an important event on June 23 at the Westminster West View
Recreation Center, from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, titled The Phenomenal
Aspects of Growing Older: Enhancing the Quality of Life at 50+,
stresses the value people 50+ can add to their lives and also contribute
to the country’s economic growth, with a broad range of specific
examples as to how this can be accomplished. Research demonstrates that
people 50+ who continue in productive activities report greater
satisfaction with life, enjoy better health, and live more than four
years longer than those who don’t.

“The reality is that 30 years were added to longevity from beginning to
end of the 20th century. This has been called the century’s
greatest gift. Gifts are given to be used and enjoyed, and this is the
issue we will address at our event,” said Bill Zinke, CPL President.
“Many people 50+ have the experience, expertise, seasoned judgment, and
proven performance (acronym created of DoubleESP™) that come from 20-30
years of productive activities. This is what many people 50+ can

In a 2014 landmark national survey co-sponsored by Merrill Lynch of more
than 7,000 pre-retirees 50+, 72% said their ideal retirement will
include continued working. The reasons: keep their mental edge sharp,
maintain their overall abilities, desire to continue adding value, and
maintain their social connections. A driving force is recognition of
their extended longevity. These factors are also the driving force for
CPL–how to enhance the quality of life for people 50+.

About Center for Productive Longevity

The mission of CPL is to stimulate the substantially increased
engagement of people 50+ in value-added activities, where they are
qualified and ready to so. For more information about CPL and to
register for this event, please visit


Center for Productive Longevity
Bill Zinke, 303-499-3939