The RepHresh Brand Introduces New RepHresh™ Soothing Wash and RepHresh™ Active Fresh Wash

Providing women odor protection, relief and comfort for up to
24-hours for ultimate personal confidence

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The makers of First
have added two new dermatologist and gynecologist
tested products to the RepHresh brand’s existing line of feminine
hygiene products: RepHresh™
Soothing Wash
and RepHresh™
Active Fresh Wash
, both dye and paraben free, and now
available at major retailers nationwide.

The RepHresh brand is endorsed by doctors, who are already familiar with
other products in the line. “I’m pleased to see that RepHresh is now
offering two pH balanced daily intimate care washes to their line of
product offerings, as I often recommend the Gel to my patients with pH
imbalances,” says Mary
Jane Minkin, MD, Yale Clinical Professor of OB/GYN
. “A healthy pH of
the genital area is essential for vaginal comfort, but this natural
balance can get disrupted. It’s great that women now have a delicate
full body wash that doesn’t affect the skin the way soap often can.”

RepHresh Soothing Wash formula is pH-balanced and
can be used for daily intimate care. It provides instant
soothing relief and comfort with a lightly scented formula that
continues to work for up to 24 hours. Ingredients include: cranberry
extract, known for its anti-inflammatory properties; jicama, known to
hydrate and condition the skin; probiotic lactobacillus to stimulate
intimate skin’s natural defenses and Ecoskin TM, a combination of
probiotic (inactivated Lactobacilli) and prebiotic, which triggers an
improvement in the appearance of skin. The combination of cranberry
extract, calendula flower and lonicera japonica flower provide a
soothing effect as they function as skin conditioning and astringent.

RepHresh Active Fresh Wash acts as a deodorizer and odor
neutralizer for up to 24-hours and includes a freshening botanical+
of calendula, citrus fruit and ginseng root for instant
freshness and continuous odor protection for up to 24 hours. Gentle and
delicately fragranced, RepHresh Active Fresh Wash is pH-balanced
to freshen a woman’s most intimate external areas to cleanse and provide
freshness all day long.

Other products in the RepHresh line include RepHresh
, clinically shown to maintain healthy vaginal pH at 3.5-4.5 to
eliminate vaginal odor and relieve feminine discomfort for up to three
days. RepHresh
provides probiotic lactobacillus to balance yeast and
bacteria and help maintain vaginal flora in a normal range* and RepHresh
Clean Balance
Feminine Freshness Kit helps women remain fresh and
odor free for up to three days with a two-step clean and pH balance

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or
prevent any disease.


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Brad Ginsburg, 646-964-4446