Three Easy Ways to Create Standard Operating Procedures in The CLEAR Report

LANGHORNE, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#employment–How to scale your workforce while maintaining the quality of your
products and services? The answer, according to CLEAR Employer Services,
is Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)—step by step instructions that
help get new employees up to speed quickly, and feel productive.

“With SOPs, workers know what’s expected of them and can perform
consistently and according to company standards,” says CLEAR CEO Joe
Carfagno. “Everyone is on the same page and has the motivation to do
things right.

“SOPs are also easier to create than you might think,” he explains.

That’s according to The CLEAR Report, a thoughtful look at employment in
New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The report shows how the region
is doing compared to the rest of the country, analyzes why, and offers
tips for business owners related to those issues.

CLEAR offers three tips for creating SOPs in its latest CLEAR Report
which covers the fourth quarter of 2016. Among the ideas: discuss the
‘how’ of one procedure at each staff meeting, have someone tape the
meeting, write the instructions and review them at the next meeting. The
employment numbers in NJ, NY and PA show that the fourth quarter was
impacted by seasonal employment to mirror consumers’ increased demand
for goods and services. Download The CLEAR Report here.

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