Ting drops data price to $10 a gig beyond the first.

In a stark departure from mobile industry norms, all customers’
monthly bills actually drop accordingly.

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#cellphones–Today, Ting customers experience whatever the opposite of sticker shock

For people considering a switch to Ting, the proposition just got better.

Ting has lowered its data prices. Once customers exceed the 1 GB level,
every gigabyte of mobile data, pooled and shared across all phones on an
account, is just $10.

For new customers, the pricing is effective upon signing up for Ting.
For existing customers, the price takes effect with their next full
billing cycle.

“At just $10 a gig beyond the first, Ting’s pay-for-what-you-use
approach is the best choice for most American cell phone users,” said
Michael Goldstein, VP of Sales and Marketing for Ting (and who is always
available for interviews, just saying). “Because minutes, messages and
data are pooled and shared across all phones on an account, Ting’s
pricing is unrivalled for families, businesses or any other account with
more than one phone.”

“Ting has always been about saving people money while, at the same time,
offering a smarter, friendlier and ultimately happier mobile
experience,” said Elliot Noss, CEO of Tucows. “This new data pricing
means people can save even more on their mobile bills while needing to
think about their data use less.”

New Ting data pricing details

Ting data pricing has been cut at every level beyond the $3 / 100 MB
Small level.

Level       Mobile data       Previous price       New price
Small (up to 100 MB)       Up to 100 MB       $3       unchanged
Medium (up to 500 MB)       Up to 500 MB       $12       $10
Large (up to 1 GB)       Up to 1 GB       $19       $16
XL (Up to 2 GB)       Up to 2 GB       $29       $20
XL+ (2 GB and beyond)       2 GB and beyond       +$15 per GB       +$10 per GB

Offering better data pricing has been a top priority for Ting. “We’ve
been lobbying our carrier partners for a while to get better wholesale
data rates,” said Goldstein. “We were successful and we are immediately
passing these savings on to our customers.”

Key executives are available for interview. More context plus video
assets on the Ting blog:

About Ting

is all about mobile that makes sense. Ting has no contracts, no overage
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billed separately and customers only pay for the usage levels they
actually hit. Businesses and families can have unlimited devices on one
account and share usage for even greater savings. Active devices on an
account cost just $6 per month. Ting offers powerful account tools and
no hold customers service from smart human beings that are empowered to
actually solve problems.

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