Tiny Footprint Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Grow the World’s Greenest, Most Sustainable Coffee

MINNEAPOLIS & ST. PAUL, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tiny Footprint Coffee, the world’s first carbon-negative coffee,
will launch a Kickstarter campaign on October 13th, 2015, to fuel the
growth of its business and to help every one drink the greenest, most
sustainable coffee on the planet.

Launched in 2010, Tiny Footprint Coffee (www.tinyfootprintcoffee.com)
is the world’s first carbon negative coffee. For each pound of coffee
sold, Tiny Footprint Coffee plants trees in Ecuador, which suck more
than 50 lbs. of harmful carbon out of the environment. That’s far more
than the carbon emitted during the harvesting, shipping and roasting of
each bag of Tiny Footprint Coffee, meaning that every sip is an
Earth-positive act of good karma.

The brand’s co-founder, Brian Krohnke, and his partner Juan Manuel
Carrion, an ornithologist, have dedicated their lives to conserving
native cloud forests and growing sustainable coffee in Ecuador. They
have worked especially hard on restoring a special farm reserve called Tambo
. This farm is located in the beautiful Tandayapa Valley of
the Ecuadorian Andes and is home to hundreds of bird species and dozens
of mammals. Tandayapa sits right on the equator in a unique microclimate
at 6,000 feet above sea level — a magical altitude for coffee

“Like in real estate, coffee farming is all about location, location,
location. Tandayapa is like the Holy Grail of coffee farming locations,”
said Krohnke. “After spending the last 20 years returning this degraded
land to its full splendor, we’re ready to take our operations to the
next level by expanding the farm, enhancing the quality and
effectiveness of our operations, and building a tourist friendly Café
Tambo Quinde. To achieve this vision, we’re launching a Kickstarter
campaign to make it happen.”

The Tiny
Footprint Kickstarter campaign
will help Tiny Footprint Coffee
construct a micro wet mill and drying beds to guarantee full control
over the quality of its coffee processing at every stage of post-harvest
coffee production, from depulping to drying, at Tambo Quinde. This also
will increase production, which will provide jobs and help grow the
local economy in the Tandayapa Valley.

The fundraising campaign also will help fund upgrades to the very
foundation of the farm: its coffee trees. This means expanding and
improving the 7.5 acres of the existing planation and minimizing the
impact of production on the environment. This will help nurture the
local environment for the countless birds, mammals, and amphibians that
call this area home.

Funds raised through the Tiny Footprint campaign will go toward building
a coffeehouse, as well as trails with well-marked, educational signage,
which will allow ecotourists and other growers to see firsthand how it’s
possible to grow delicious coffee in social and environmental harmony
with the cloud forest. The coffeehouse also will allow the local
community to share in the harvest.

If Tiny Footprint Coffee is successful in raising $66,000 through its
Kickstarter campaign, backers of the project will receive really
delicious coffee first and foremost. Supporters also can earn t-shirts,
a tour of Tiny Footprint Coffee’s roastery in Minneapolis, and an
all-inclusive trip to Ecuador to tour the farm and hang out in the cloud
forest, based on the size of their donation.

About Tiny Footprint Coffee

Tiny Footprint Coffee is based in Minneapolis, Minn. The brand’s coffee
products are sold through www.tinyfootprintcoffee.com,
as well as through Amazon.com, and local coffee retailers throughout the
U.S. and Canada.



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