TomboyX Launches “Underneath it All” Video Featuring Rain Dove and Spearheads ‘#HumanAgenda Unscripted’

is proud to introduce their new video, “Underneath
It All
” featuring gender non-conformist model, Rain Dove,
highlighting the brand’s mission to promote the ‘Human Agenda.’ And,
empowering all to make a positive difference in the world – regardless
of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, social status, profession,
or geography – to take a stand for what they believe in.

“When I get dressed, I don’t think about what other people think. I only
think, is this me, is this my truth? Am I able to move through this
world with confidence? Am I able to move through this world feeling that
I am I?” says Dove. “There’s no difference between you looking your best
and me looking my best- we’re just different books with different

The TomboyX line of underwear and apparel includes: 6 cuts of underwear,
soft bras, tanks, tees, and hats designed to make people feel
comfortable, accepted, and secure. TomboyX was first to market with
extraordinarily comfortable, quality boxer briefs for women in seemingly
endless solid colors and signature prints. With customers in 37
countries, TomboyX’s unique line embodies the ‘Human Agenda’, tearing
down stereotypes through clothing and social action.

“We founded TomboyX to fill a void that had gone unfilled for far too
long,” says Co-founder Fran Dunaway. “TomboyX is underwear that everyone
can feel comfortable in, regardless of where they fall on the size or
gender spectrum giving everyone the power to embrace who they are,
without apology, or shame.”

Unscripted’ further implores people to take to social media by posting a
30- second video to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the #HumanAgenda
and @TomboyX
tag, describing what they do to feel comfortable in their own skin
and/or what inclusivity means to them.

“Underwear is the layer between who you are on the inside and the way
you present yourself on the outside. It’s the first layer of protection
and the place to be most comfortable in your own skin,” adds co-founder
Naoimi Gonzalez. “Through representing all bodies and identities,
TomboyX is paving the way to eliminate exclusivity. Instead of
highlighting differences, we challenge you to rejoice in individuality
and practice self-respect.”

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