Track Child Accomplishments, Learning Experiences and Achievements with New App by AdotME

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new accomplishment tracking app by AdotME allows parents to document
their child’s achievements and learning experiences to build a record of
accomplishments and milestones. The innovative AdotME
also incorporates an exclusive “vouching” feature that allows
others to verify the experience or achievement.

“Vouching allows an authoritative source to verify that your child did
what they claim to have done,” said co-founder Aaron Sloman. “Think of
it as a stamp of approval. Having verification from a third-party gives
accomplishment added credibility.”

AdotME allows parents to capture and record all types of learning and
performance experiences at home or on-the-go. In turn, children
illustrate their progression of lifelong learning and training which
gets linked to real-world performance that has been “vouched” for by a

“Our new app allows you to create a life-long ‘experience graph’ that
tracks your accomplishments and how you got there,” said Sloman. “It’s
essentially a portfolio of your child’s achievements, allowing you to
share and preserve milestones.”

AdotME also includes a Sharing feature for users to share collections of
their accomplishments with coaches, potential employers and college
admissions officers. These collections
can be customized
to showcase the most relevant accomplishments for
each recipient and set to expire at any time to protect personal
information. Additionally, users receive a notification each time a
collection is viewed.

Parents can use AdotME to give their children a competitive advantage as
he/she begins building a resume, memory book or college app.
Alternatively, parents can also turn everyday chores, school tasks,
homework, and other desired behaviors into a game. Just have the child
take a photo upon completion and “vouch” the activity based on
auto/smart tags.

AdotME is currently available for download on iTunes and Google Play.


The AdotME app is the leading application to capture, find and keep
track of a child’s accomplishments. AdotME captures events (past or
present) using auto smart tags to allow for super-easy searching. The
app even accesses multiple databases to provide enhanced image tagging.
An exclusive “vouching” feature allows third-parties to verify each
accomplishment. For more information, visit:


Aaron Sloman
(949) 544-1971