Truven Health Analytics-NPR Health Poll Finds Majority of Women Believe They Should Have an Annual Mammogram

Just 12 Percent Believe They Should Receive Screening Every Two
Years, Despite New Guidelines

ANN ARBOR, Mich. & WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fifty-seven percent of American women believe they should receive a
mammogram annually, according to the Truven Health Analytics-NPR Health
Poll. However, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) issued
guidance earlier this year which suggested that women should get a
mammogram every two years starting at age 50, provided they do
not have a family history or find a lump.

Health Analytics
™ and NPR
conduct a bimonthly poll to gauge attitudes and opinions on a wide range
of health issues.

The latest survey asked respondents to share their views and experiences
with mammograms. The results found that 38 percent of American women
have had a mammogram in the last year. Among women who did not undergo
the screening in the past year, various reasons were given for why. The
most frequently cited (24 percent) was that they were either too old,
too young, or the test didn’t apply to them. Among those citing age,
most were outside the USPSTF target group with just 1.6 percent within
that 50-74 age range.

Other reasons cited for foregoing the screening included “do not need
one” (15 percent), “doctor did not recommend” (12 percent), “no time,”
(10 percent), and “elected not to have” (9 percent).

“The proper evaluation and treatment of localized breast cancer is an
area of active research. The US Preventive Services Task Force
recommends biennial breast cancer screening with mammography in all
average risk women between the ages of 50-74,” said Michael Taylor,
M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Truven Health Analytics. “With the
Affordable Care Act mandating that insurers provide screening mammograms
at no additional charge, patients have no reason not to be diligent
about receiving a regular screening.”

Twelve percent of respondents said they believe the screening is only
necessary every two years, as recommended by the USPSTF; more than half
(57 percent) said they think they should undergo a mammograms annually.
These results suggest that the new guidelines have not yet been fully
absorbed by the general public. Overall, 48 percent of respondents said
they were aware of the ACA provision that requires mammograms for no
additional charge.

To date, the Truven Health Analytics-NPR Health Poll has explored
numerous health topics, including generic drugs, vaccines, data privacy,
narcotic painkillers and sports-related concussions. NPR’s reports on
the surveys are archived online at the Shots health blog here.

Truven Health Analytics maintains a library of poll results here.

The Truven Health Analytics-NPR Health Poll is powered by the Truven
Health PULSE® Healthcare Survey, the nation’s largest and
longest-running independently funded, nationally representative
multi-modal poll that collects information about health-related
behaviors and attitudes and healthcare utilization from 82,000 US
households annually. Survey questions are developed in conjunction with
NPR. The figures in this month’s poll are based on 3,009 participants
interviewed from June 1-29, 2015. The margin of error is 1.8 percent.

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