Under-Eye Fat Replacement for Younger Looking Face

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ms. Jang, a career woman in her 20s, has been stressed out about her
tired and aged looking face due to her dark circles and eye bags.
Especially when she works overtime or tired, her face looked even
duller. She even tried changing her eating habits to fix her problems
but didn’t see any improvements so she went to a plastic surgery
hospital and asked for a consultation.

Recently, the number of people who come to the plastic surgery hospital
for the same reason as Ms. Jang has been increasing. Through under-eye
fat replacement procedures, patients can improve their complexion by
removing dark circles and achieve younger looking face by evening out
the bulging under-eye fat.

There are many factors that contribute to dark circles. One of the
biggest reasons is the protruding under-eye fat. This is usually due to
aging, but many people are born with this also. On the other hand, there
are people who have caved-in lacrimal groove which makes the under-eye
area to appear darker. There are also cases of extremely thin under-eye
skin that makes the dilatational blood vessels visible, and pigmentation
due to skin irritation.

The under-eye fat replacement surgery does not require any stitches
removal because it doesn’t involve any incision, and allows the patients
to achieve brighter complexion by improving both bulging under-eye fat
and caved-in under-eye area. The surgery does not leave any scars
because it is done through conjunctiva and has a short recovering period
due to no incision.

Wungki Jeong, director of TL Plastic Surgery Korea said, “The under-eye
fat replacement surgery is the most effective method to improve dark
circles. It improves both blood congestion and sagging muscles by
replacing bulging under-eye fat and fastening the sagged muscles upward.
It will bring a fundamental younger-looking effect.”

He also advised, “Each hospital performs lower blepharoplasty and
under-eye fat replacement differently. So patients must be careful when
choosing the hospital by considering the competence level of the surgeon
and patient reviews even though these surgeries are relatively easy.”


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