Vermont Teddy Bear Invites People to “PAWS” for Politics with New Presidential Candidate Bears

SHELBURNE, Vt.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–New rule: talk politics. That’s according to Vermont Teddy Bear
President and Chief Executive, Bill Shouldice. Taking the upcoming
election year as an opportunity to promote the importance of voter
interest and engagement, Vermont Teddy Bear has launched a new
collection of presidential candidate Bears. Bernie Bear, many will
remember, made his debut this spring. Joining him now are Trump Bear,
Hillary Bear, Jeb Bear and Carson Bear… There’s whisperings that Biden
Bear is waiting in the wings.

“Voting is a right too often taken for granted,” says Shouldice. “Back
in 2012, it was estimated that approximately 40% of Americans didn’t
vote. Forty percent! That’s a travesty. Republicans, Democrats,
Liberals, Independents; old, young; rich, poor – everyone should be
exercising their right. The goal of Vermont Teddy Bear is to encourage
greater interest and engagement in the political arena as we gear up for
another important election year.”

Supporting the launch of Vermont Teddy Bear political Bears is a digital
ad campaign designed to be attention-grabbing, amusing and thought
provoking. Some encourage people to “PAWs for Politics” and
#getoutandvote. Others take a lighter approach, “Pearls vs. Granola… Who
has your vote?” And then there’s the straightforward: “Hillary vs. Jeb…
A Bear of a fight.” Additionally, Vermont Teddy Bear is hosting an
interactive poll at
where everyone is invited to vote for their favorite Bear.

Like all classically designed handmade Vermont Teddy Bears, the
presidential candidate Bears are crafted in Vermont using 100% recycled
stuffing and guaranteed for life. It’s the iconic touches that make
these Bears stand apart. Trump Bear and Bernie Bear, for example, have
unruly locks. Hillary Bear has her BlackBEARy. Jeb Bear – a “family”
bush. And, Carson wears a suit and scrubs. Complete descriptions and
images for each presidential candidate Bear can be found at,
where orders can also be placed.

About Vermont Teddy Bear

Vermont Teddy Bear, the largest handcrafter of Teddy Bears in North
America, lovingly designs, stuffs and stitches every Bear in Vermont.
For a one-of-a-kind gift that’s just as unique as the recipient, every
Vermont Teddy Bear can be customized to fit a special life event,
occasion or holiday. Orders can be placed via phone (1.800.829.BEAR);
mail-order catalog and online at


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