Women’s Mining Coalition to Receive 2016 Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award

LEADVILLE, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum’s Board of Directors is
pleased to announce the 2016 Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award will
be presented to the Women’s Mining Coalition at the 29th Annual National
Mining Hall of Fame induction banquet on September 24, 2016 in Las
Vegas, NV.

Every year, the National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum (NMHF&M) selects
an individual or entity that has demonstrated ongoing, innovative work
educating the public, policy makers, educators, or related institutions
about the importance of the mineral and mining industry to our everyday
lives. The awardee is selected from a pool of nominations reviewed by
the National Mining Hall of Fame’s Prazen committee.

After an unprecedented election of women to Congress in 1992, geologist
Kathy Benedetto saw an opportunity to go to Washington, D.C. and educate
these newly elected women lawmakers about minerals exploration and
mining. Kathy recruited the help of two other female geologists, Ruth
Carraher and Debra Struhsacker, and together they organized what would
become an annual Fly-In to meet with our nation’s policy makers. Women’s
Mining Coalition (WMC) evolved from that first Fly-In in 1993 and its
membership continues to actively educate and advocate for the mineral
and mining industry.

The Fly-Ins garner the attention of our legislators and federal agencies
and send the message “A strong mining industry is vitally important to
our nation, our communities, our families, and our livelihoods.” WMC
members emphasize that many jobs all across the country depend on mining
and practically everything we use in our daily lives is the direct
result of mined products.

WMC has recruited its membership such that it has representatives from
coast to coast and from all aspects of the mining industry including
geologists, engineers, metallurgists, miners, environmental experts,
attorneys, mining vendors and suppliers, energy producers, and other
related fields. WMC members advocating for the varied mineral and mining
sectors are able to provide policy makers with first-hand information
about the technological advancements and environmental stewardship of
today’s mining industry. Particularly effective among policy makers is
the fact that WMC members are not typical lobbyists; they are daughters,
wives and mothers as well as highly qualified mining industry

Frank McAllister, NMHF&M Board of Directors Chairman, commented, “The
Women’s Mining Coalition embodies the spirit of the Prazen Living Legend
of Mining Award through 24 years of ongoing mining advocacy and
education activities. Their membership has had a tremendous influence
and impact on promoting all aspects of the mining industry and spreading
the message ‘Everything begins with mining. Everything!’ We are proud to
recognize their efforts and bestow WMC with this prestigious award.”

More information about the Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award, this
year’s inductees into the National Mining Hall of Fame, and the Annual
Induction Banquet to honor them can be found at www.MiningHallofFame.org
or by contacting Francine Webber, Events Manager, National Mining Hall
of Fame & Museum at 719-486-1229 or via email at Francine@MiningHallofFame.org.

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National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum
Francine Webber,
Events Manager