World’s First Posture Stimulating T-Shirt, The Percko, Reaches 130K on Kickstarter in One Week

Thanks to The Percko good posture is just one pledge away

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The stimulating posture perfecting t-shirt, The Percko, that
teaches users to intuitively form good posture, reaches 130K on Kickstarter.

The Percko also known as Second-Skin, is unlike any other lumbar
support device. The second-skin removes work from back muscles and
activates the whole spine from the pelvis to the neck so wearers
intuitively learn how to fix their own posture.

first launched their campaign on September 29, 2015 and within 7 hours
the campaign hit its funding goal of €30,000. Although the campaign
still has 27 days left on Kickstarter, co-founders Alexis Ucko and
Quentin Perraudeau are already stunned by the campaign’s
early success and hopes to keep the momentum going.

“We are delighted to have doubled our funding goal in less than 40 hours
with a product that we developed for over a year,” says Alexis Ucko. “We
still have a long road ahead but the fact that we can offer backers the
opportunity to improve their posture is a reward in itself. We are truly

The Percko is made from high-quality breathable and thin fabric;
it truly fits the wearer – it’s comfortable yet supportive. Easily taken
off and put on like any other shirt, it won’t compress the body and can
be washed like regular clothing. With the corrective benefits of The
, users can work more productively and sleep easier – stress
and pain-free.

Using an advanced set of patented tensors, The Percko brings
technology and expert experience for posture alignment. The tensors
react to bad posture by exerting a painless pressure on the wearer’s
back to straighten their posture.

Having spent years researching and designing a prototype with partner
companies, TopTex3 and Cogitobio as well as François Stevignon,
Physiotherapist and osteopath, Percko can now make their dreams of
entrepreneurship into reality.

About Percko:

Founded in 2014 and based in France, Percko is a startup created by
friends and collaborators Alexis Ucko and Quentin Perraudeau. Sharing a
wealth of diverse engineering and clinical research experiences,
Percko’s business partners are innovators who have teamed up to bring
comfort and relief to consumers. For more information, visit


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