Snacks on the Go

5 goodies to have on hand when faced with a snack attack.
Snacks on the Go

Pretzels – When eaten in small, or even serving size amounts, pretzels can be a satisfying choice for a go-to snack. Bread-y and salty, a small amount of pretzels can curb a carb craving, but be cautious not to go overboard.

Single serving peanut butter – Although single serving peanut butter contains more calories than the other options, it’s also got protein and a hearty quality that may help you to feel fuller longer. Peanut butter with celery or even some whole wheat crackers do the trick when a light lunch isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger.

Singe serving sliced fruit – The produce section of the grocery stores are filled with fun snack options. Often found near deli-ready salads are the plastic containers of fresh-cut fruit. These are fantastic to keep on hand and offer an easy way to get a serving of fresh fruit while you work away at your desk. Also consider pre-packaged baggies of apple slices, you can toss one in your purse in the mornings and store in the office fridge until hunger pangs strike.

Pre-packaged apple sauce – It might take you back to your days in kindergarten, but pre-packaged applesauce is a great snack for kids of almost any age. It’s sweetness helps satisfy a sweet tooth and helps you stay away from cookies or pastries during the mid-afternoon munchies.

Pre-packaged snack bars – Some snack bars can have as many calories as small candy bars, so it’s important to pay attention to the nutritional info. If it looks and tastes like a candy bar, chances are it is close to candy than you would think. Consider options that are fruit and nut based. Soy Joy offers new flavors with just a hint of chocolate, plus their small size keeps portions under control. Also be sure to ready labels – go for snack sizes and not “meal replacement bars” which have more calories.