5 ways to flaunt flats this winter

From work to weekends, flats are convenient and easy to slip into. But when the snow starts flying,…
5 ways to flaunt flats this winter
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From work to weekends, flats are convenient and easy to slip into. But when the snow starts flying, it can be easy to tuck these sleek shoes into the back of the closet. You don’t have to wear shorts or capris to flaunt a great pair of heel-less shoes.

If you have a pair of cute flat-bottom shoes in a funky print or bright color, let them peek out from under the cuff of your jeans. If the shoes have a lot of pizzazz, they can be the statement piece of your basic jeans and T-shirt outfit. Zebra print, polka dots, or color-block pattern shoes are perfect for this look. At the holidays, reach for gold or silver metallic-colored shoes.

In the winter it’s easy to always grab a pair of boots. But, if you live in a temperate climate, give your warm-weather shoes a workout on sunny, mild days. Save the boots for a visit to a snowy area. A flirty, floral flat is the perfect way to jazz up an everyday black skirt during the winter months.

If you live in the Midwest where winters are filled with plenty of cold, windy days, try layering your look. Slip into a pair of tights before slipping on a skirt or dress. Choose thick tights that add warmth to your legs and toes. Then, slip into a pair of pretty flats. Picture a silver New Year’s Eve dress styled with black tights and glittery silver flats. Cute!

If you have a slender body shape, continue the sleek look by keeping your footwear minimal. In the winter slip into cozy leggings, a curve-hugging sweater, and a simple pair of flats for an everyday look that’s perfect for a casual office setting or grabbing a margarita with the girls on the weekend. Want to jazz up a pair of basic black shoes? Choose patterned leggings.

Does your job require a basic dress code of neutral colors? If you’re stuck wearing khaki or black pants day-to-day, ask your supervisor if patterned and colorful shoes are appropriate for work. If so, let your flats show off your personality and become your outfit accent piece. These comfy shoes will make completing your work shift a breeze. It’s impossible to have a bad day when wearing red, ballet-like shoes or leopard-print flats.