Hassle-Free Valentine’s Day

Forget about the pressure to have a big romantic celebration. Instead, just focus on fun!

Valentine’s Day makes hearts beat faster, but sometimes for the wrong reason. It can be a stressful holiday, especially if you are single. “This day makes a lot of single people lonely and sad, and it shouldn’t be,” explains relationship guru, Victoria Howard, author of eight books, including Why Women Love Bad Boys, translated and sold in over 15 countries. “It’s just another day in February; this too shall pass.”

Victoria offers some tips to get you through the day.

No date for Valentine’s Day; no big deal

If you’re a guy, call your buddies and meet at a bar where you can check out single girls and enjoy a couple of drinks. “Keep your mind occupied with friends so you don’t think about being lonely .” For the ladies, Victoria recommends a BFF date, where you buy a box of chocolate and share it with your best friend, the person who has been there for you, and has shared many secrets with you.

Unattached friends unite for the night

Gather your single friends and host a movie marathon at your house. Pop some popcorn; open a bottle of wine and watch funny and scary movies, but nothing romantic.

Unconditional love for your furry friends

Spend the day with the one thing that gives you unconditional love, your pet. Take Fido for a walk on the beach, or cuddle with Fluffy on the couch, watching Animal Planet of course. ” Pets are the one being in your life that will give you unconditional love, and make you feel good no matter what you feel about yourself.” If you’re a single parent, spend it with your child.

Remember being single is fabulous

Think of all your friends who are in a relationship and are very unhappy. Being in a single relationship with yourself is one of the best things. “You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.”

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