15 Wholesome gift ideas for mom

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a time when children around the country look for ways to show mom just how much they care. While these…
15 Wholesome gift ideas for mom

Give mom a healthy gift this Mother’s Day. (Photo Shutterstock)

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a time when children around the country look for ways to show mom just how much they care.

While these celebration efforts are usually heartfelt and genuine, they are also usually unhealthy–full of chocolate candies, dinner buffets and the like.

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To really show mom you care this weekend, give her something she’ll love but with a healthy twist.

She’s your mom, after all, and you want her to be around for as long as she can be.

15 healthy ideas for Mother’s Day

Before you make those reservations at the local all-you-can-eat buffet, consider these suggestions put together by VOXXI.

Having a healthy Mother's Day.

Mom loves to relax, why not relax with her by taking medication classes together? (Photo Shutterstock)

  1. If you’re taking mom out to dinner, skip the buffet to prevent overeating.
  2. Take her for an outing the requires walking, like a visit to the zoo or local arboretum.
  3. Buy her a subscription to a healthy living magazine.
  4. Sign you and mom up for healthy cooking classes.
  5. Go out for tea instead of for a full meal.
  6. If you need to give chocolate, give dark chocolate which contains the most antioxidants. Mix it up even more by giving chocolate-covered fruit instead of pure chocolate candy.
  7. Make mom a “better sleep basket” filled with items to help promote the sleep that is so important for people, especially as they age.
  8. If you’re mom is a “techy” person, consider getting her a gift like a fitness tracker.
  9. A day at the spa will not only make your mom feel pampered, it will help her learn how she needs to take care of her skin as she ages.
  10. Want to help mom deal with stress? Try buying her an aroma therapy kit for the home or for personal use.
  11. Is your mom alone? While it’s generally not recommended to give pets as gifts, take mom to a local pet shelter and see if any furry critter catches her attention.
  12. Plants are a staple for Mother’s Day almost as much as chocolate, but there are plants you can buy that help detoxify a home. Look for peace lilies or ivy.
  13. Make mom a homemade meal from healthy ingredients.
  14. Take a meditation seminar together either through a professional or via at-home DVDs.
  15. Does you mom love to garden? Buy her a gardening set for herbs that could benefit her health.

What is the ultimate thing to remember about healthy Mother’s Day gifts? They should be done together.

That’s right, you can get your mom healthy cooking classes, a gym membership, a day at the spa, or a meditation seminar, but chances are she will be much less likely to go alone.

Mother’s Day isn’t just about keeping mom healthy, it’s about showing mom how much we care–by simply being there.

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