Let’s march peacefully in Staten ISland

It is true that the deaths of African Americans Eric Garner in New York and Michael Brown in Missouri have raised concerns about police abuse and the exclusion of minorities. However, we can’t let the response or solution to the problem be filled with hatred or violence.

Therefore, the huge march planned for tomorrow on Staten Island to demand justice and a stop to police brutality must be peaceful.

We echo the words of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who spoke of the need to build a bridge of unity that leads us to reconciliation.

Dolan met with other religious leaders and the city’s top officials this week, seeking to ease tensions.

During this meeting, even Reverend Al Sharpton toned down his rhetoric and said that “all police are not bad.”

Even though both recent incidents share similarities, the situation in Missouri is far removed from what’s happening in New York.

What is being discussed in the Big Apple is how viable certain police policies are today, like Broken Windows, in which police officers target—especially—minorities who commit minor crimes.

However, let’s not forget that the debate must be transparent and civilized, and that everyone involved has the right to make their voices heard in order to reach a point of agreement to ensure that civil rights aren’t violated