Editorial: President Trump

It is difficult to imagine a more complicated scenario for Latinos and other minorities

For the first time in the history of the United States, a person without any political or military experience won the presidency. The victory of Republican Donald Trump reflects the power of the frustration of a majority of Americans with their political leaders. Yesterday, a populism that appeals to resentment prevailed, throwing reason out the window.

Change came by the hand of a candidate who constantly resorted to mocking and destroying his rivals without explaining how he would make his numerous and contradictory promises a reality. This has been enough to take him to the White House.

It was expected that this would be the year of the Latino and female vote. It’s clear that neither of them had the anticipated effect in bringing a woman to the presidency for the first time. The reaction to Trump’s misogynistic words and attitudes was insufficient to further women votes in large numbers. The same goes for Latinos, who failed to make a difference when it was needed the most.

Instead, history was made by white voters attracted by a nostalgic message of returning to a past that does not exist anymore. But who can convince them now?

We are very worried by this result, both because of the unpredictability of what a Trump administration means, and what we already know has been said during the campaign.

An uncertainty hovers over the economy, as was reflected in the markets throughout last night. Anxiety is setting in now among the U.S. allies about what could be a 180-degree turn in our country’s foreign policy.

It is difficult to imagine a more complicated scenario for Latinos and other minorities. A fair and comprehensive immigration reform seems further away than ever today. This win will embolden anti-immigrants. Fascist groups that came to light alongside Trump are gaining a recognition that is indecent in our times.

Democrats will have to make some self-analysis after the defeat. It is obvious that Clinton’s e-mail problem and the FBI announcement days before the election, on resuming that investigation, harmed her. But it is far more complicated than that.

With yesterday’s election, one of the bitterest campaigns in recent times came to an end. We hope that Trump will make a sincere call to unity, leaving arrogance aside. The many challenges our country faces can only be resolved by respecting the opposition and working together.

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