Editorial: Raids Are a Blow to Immigrant Families

The aggressiveness of the raids were conducted in the middle of the night at homes and workplaces.
Editorial: Raids Are a Blow to Immigrant Families

The raids recently carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have intimidated millions of undocumented families. A this moment, it is important to stay informed about what to do in case of arrest, and to remain calm.

The ICE operations that took place in 10 states in which hundreds of people were detained are extremely worrisome due to the way they were conducted. Immigration authorities say that the actions had been planned by the previous administration. While this may be true, they were carried out under Trump’s.

The aggressiveness of the raids, which were conducted in the middle of the night at homes and workplaces, had not been seen in a long time.

It has been said that people with criminal backgrounds were targeted, but other people were also arrested only for being undocumented. In one particular house, for instance, the targeted individual was not present, but another person who was there but not on ICE’s list was taken.

The case of Guadalupe García in Arizona is cause for much concern. She was deported when she showed up at the immigration office for a routine check-in with ICE. This incident sends an unsettling signal to people who are following the rules. Some will be afraid to show up, and their failure to comply may be used against them.

The fact that the agency’s deportations specialist has been promoted to deputy director may be proof of change.

With no explanation, the White House made Thomas Homan, who was ICE’s executive associate director of enforcement and removal operations, acting director of the agency. They are replacing attorney Daniel Ragsdale, who had been ICE’s deputy director for years, with a former border patrol agent who received an important award from the government for his “excellent” work organizing the detention and deportation of immigrant people from Washington.

Trump said that he would deport millions of undocumented people. The raids are signaling both his followers and immigrants that he is willing to follow through with his promises. In light of these operations, fear is justified, but rumors and false alarms causing confusion and terror must be avoided.

Public safety is cited as the justification for the raids and the detentions. Many of them took place in cities that have committed to protecting their residents. This separation of families is a challenging, inhumane act that must be combatted with every legal resource available.