APR Applied Pharma Research S.A. and Eris Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Pty Ltd. Announce the Signature of a License Agreement for the Distribution and Marketing of the HALYKOO Line in Australia and New Zealand

MELBOURNE, Australia & BALERNA, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–APR Applied Pharma Research S.A. (“APR”), the independent Swiss
company, specialized in the development of science-driven,
patent-protected healthcare products, and Eris Pharmaceuticals
(Australia) Pty Ltd. (“Eris Pharma”), a leading pharmaceutical
company, currently specialized in the development and marketing of
healthcare products in Australia and the emerging markets, today
announce the beginning of a partnership for the promotion, distribution
and marketing of the Halykoo baby healthcare product line in Australia
and New Zealand.

Thanks to this license agreement, APR records another success in
widening its global network of partners for the brand Halykoo, which has
been recently launched in Italy and will be rolled out in 2016 in
several countries across the world, proving Halykoo high level of
quality, innovation and appeal on an international basis.

This partnership will enable Eris Pharma to enter the pediatric market
segment through the offer of the new and innovative brand, Halykoo – the
first complete line of products including tailor-made therapeutic
solutions, designed and developed for children’s health and wellbeing
since newborns.

“We are proud to have the chance to launch the Halykoo range in
Australia and New Zealand” – said Mr. Panos Athanasiou, CEO of Eris
Pharma. “The HALYKOO brand will complement consistently the product
portfolio of Eris Pharma, that currently covers a wide range of
prescription medicine, OTC products, Medical Devices and skincare
products, most of which are mainly addressed to adults. Adding the
Halykoo products in our portfolio will enable us to bring to the
Australian & New Zealand markets products targeting currently
unaddressed needs of children from a very young age, providing the
needed confidence and reassurance to their parents.

Eris Pharma Sales Director Mr. Karl Hansen asserted that “Halykoo
represents a great opportunity to successfully compete in as valuable an
area of the market as pediatric healthcare. Australian parents spend
many billions of dollars each year ensuring the healthcare needs of
their children are met, but are often confused in a congested
marketplace. At the same time they are concerned about the ingredients
in the products they buy, which is why the Halykoo range offers unique,
innovative products that parents can trust. Eris Pharma is very excited
to introduce Halykoo to Australian parents and is looking forward to
playing a continuing role in their children’s health.”

Over the last 20 years, APR has developed high-quality products
certified according to the strictest international regulations. “We are
delighted to hail this partnership with Eris Pharma, which allows APR to
enter new attractive overseas markets, Australia and New Zealand, and
proves Halykoo internationally valuable positioning and potential” said
Paolo Galfetti, CEO and co-founder of APR”. “We reckon that Eris Pharma
is the right partner to introduce to caregivers and consumers an
innovative and unique product option as Halykoo”.

About Halykoo

Halykoo is a new global brand in the pediatric self-care market,
conceived and developed by APR starting from an unmet demand driven
insight, which aims to transform the moments of child healthcare in a
time of relation (between mother and kid) peaceful, simple and safe in
order to get parents’ confidence and smiling babies.

Halykoo is the first and only OTC pediatric healthcare brand that
matches formulations specifically focused on each of the unique ages and
stages of children’s growth, since birth, with smart and innovative
formulations and delivery systems intended to simplify their use for
parents and reduce the hassle for babies.

Halykoo products are the perfect combination of responsible, Swiss,
high-quality research combined with an extensive understanding of child
and caregivers needs: as a result, each Halykoo product provides the
right formula – from accurate selection of the ingredients (including
natural BIO certified components), to careful dosing of the active
principles and full compliance with the strictest safety standards – and
the right delivery system for the right age.

For more info about Halykoo, please visit: www.halykoo.com

About Eris Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Pty Ltd

Eris Pharmaceuticals (Eris Pharma) was established in Australia in 2009
as a generic pharmaceuticals company. Today, Eris Pharma is an
international leader in developing and distributing premium quality
healthcare products in the generics, dermocosmetics, OTC and medical
device categories. Eris Pharma’s focus is on premium products in
numerous therapeutic categories that contain only the highest quality
ingredients in specialised formulations.

Eris Pharma distributes its products to over 25 markets worldwide and
has an aggressive plan to grow the business, focusing heavily on the
Australian market. Underlying this ambition is Eris Pharma’s desire to
form strong relationships that deliver only the best possible outcomes
for customers and end users.

For more info about Eris Pharmaceuticals, please visit www.eris-pharma.com.au.

About APR Applied Pharma Research s.a.

APR is an independent Swiss company, specialized in the development of
science-driven, patent-protected healthcare products. The Company
identifies, develops and licenses science- driven, value-added products
designed to address patient or consumer needs in selected therapeutic
areas on a global basis. Specifically, APR is currently focused on 2
(two) major areas: (i) internally developed and financed (alone or with
our co-development partners) proprietary, value-added products to be
licensed to healthcare companies for their commercialization, and (ii)
support to third-party projects, by offering value-added, R&D services
under contract and fee for service arrangements. APR has a balanced
pipeline of revenue-generating branded products marketed in all major
markets, combined with a compelling pipeline of products at different
development stages. APR has entered into licensing and partnership
agreements with pharmaceutical companies in over 70 countries, with
international sales on a worldwide basis. For more info, please visit: www.apr.ch.


Eris Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Pty Ltd
Panos Athanasiou;
Chief Executive Officer
T.: +61 4 14143678 or email to p.athanasiou@eris-pharma.com
Hansen; Sales Director – Australia and New Zealand
T.: +61 4
17062642 or email to k.hansen@eris-pharma.com
Applied Pharma Research s.a.

Paolo Galfetti; Chief Executive
T: +41 91 6957020 or email to paolo.galfetti@apr.ch