Australian Consumers Will Call Businesses From Smartphones 7 Billion Times in 2016

Marchex Releases New Mobile Consumer Data for Ad:Tech Australia

SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mobile consumers are increasingly using smartphones to connect directly
with businesses, and changing the way that Australians research and
purchase products and services. Independent data released today from Marchex
(NASDAQ: MCHX), a mobile advertising analytics company, forecasts that
Australian consumers will “click-to-call” business from smartphones more
than 7 billion times in 2016 directly from search engines, Web sites,
display advertising and social networks.

To understand at scale how Australian consumers purchase products and
services through “click-to-call,” Marchex analysed aggregated data from
more than 950,000 consumer-to-business phone calls to customers of
Marchex Call Analytics. To measure sales and consumer intent from
click-to-call activity, the study used Marchex Call DNA, which visually
maps, scores and classifies phone calls automatically.

“Although Australians are spending an increasing amount on e-commerce,
online sales account for just 4.5% of consumer purchases,” said Daniel
Benton, Country Manager of ANZ. “The remaining purchases occur in the
‘real-world,’ and are increasingly influenced by digital and mobile
research. A click to call is one of the most natural and common ways
consumers will reach out to businesses across a variety of industries,
including financial services, travel, local services, technology and

Among the findings announced today:

  • Marchex forecasts that Australian consumers will make more than 7
    billion phone calls from smartphones to business in 2016, with nearly
    3 billion coming directly from search engines results and
  • Businesses are making it easy for consumers to contact them by phone.
    80% of Australia’s top brands show a phone number in Google’s organic
    or paid results.
  • 82% of phone calls made by Australians to businesses from smartphones
    are rich product and service conversations. Of those conversations,
    more than 25% are sales or appointments, a very high conversion rate
    compared to a click to a Web site.
  • Unanswered phone calls, at 7%, represent missed opportunities by
    Australian businesses to connect with consumers interested in

The full report can be found at:

SVP Marketing and Consumer Insights John Busby will be presenting the
data at ad:tech Australia on Tuesday, March 15th at 11:45am
at the Hilton Sydney during a session entitled “Connecting digital
advertising to offline purchases.” In addition, Country Manager ANZ
Daniel Benton will be speaking on “The New Consumer Path to Purchase:
Using Conversational Analytics and Click-to-Call” at 1:50pm on
Wednesday, March 16th. Marchex is located at Booth #11 during
the conference.

About Marchex

is a mobile advertising analytics company that connects online behaviour
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marketing effectiveness. Brands and agencies utilize Marchex’s products
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