Baby-Face Can Come True via Face Lift in Korea

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A “baby face” is regarded as one of the most attractive things about a
beauty in women. Most people are interested in anti-aging skin
treatments to slow down the aging process they can only manage. In this
respect, face life is performed to overcome insecurity stemming from
concern about physical appearance as well as boost self-esteem.

Many women agonize over the problems that appear on the face due to
aging include wrinkles, blemishes, age spots, volume loss, and sagging
of tissues. These problems cannot be addressed with a single procedure.
To address the problem of wrinkles or volume loss and rejuvenate sagging
face, facelifts need to be performed.

Compared to conventional face life, Power Pull SMAS Lifting is TL
plastic surgery’s signature surgery crated from abundant experience of
lifting face and neck, which desquamates SMAS layers inside, pulls saggy
skin upwards and removes excess skin during operation. The effectiveness
is not only to remove facial fat and wrinkles, but also increase
elasticity and accelerate collagen regeneration. This procedure may be
performed stand-alone or in combination with forehead lift, mid-face
lift and neck lift.

On top of that, forehead lift can be a great treatment to improve
wrinkles, which is operated by endoscope via safe and effective way. It
is popular in mid-30s women in advance of marriage or job interview.

Dr. Jung Yeon Ho of TL plastic surgery says “For experts in face lift,
it is important to understand anatomical structure of human, consider a
patient’s personal condition and achieve how a patient would like to
change ultimately with creating natural beauty as much as possible.

TL’s Power Pull SMAS lifting goes through a small incision without
hospitalization and required short recovery time. TL plastic surgery has
received a great number of reviews from patients in face lift. Hence,
Patients should be gone through 1:1 consultation, not decide to take
their surgery impulsively, but to find the right clinic and professional
doctors who are care about patient safety first and foremost. TL plastic
surgery will promise all patients to get an optimal result to solve
their own problems and heal the inside.


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