BizWireTV and Zumobi Innovate Content Marketing with New Microzine

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BizWireTV–Business Wire announces a new content marketing campaign with the launch
of the BizWireTV Microzine from Zumobi. BizWireTV is a weekly news show
spotlighting tech launches, innovative startups, and other trending
stories crossing Business Wire’s patented distribution network, hosted
by Erin Ade.

The BizWireTV Microzine creates an engaging experience that gives access
to the show’s news programming without disrupting the user’s experience.
Within the Microzine, viewers will have one-click access to their
device’s App store to download the new BizWireTV video news apps.

“Reaching consumers in a business news environment is key for us as we
look to expand awareness and engagement for BizWireTV and our news apps.
We are delivering top trending business news from Business Wire clients
through BizWireTV and bringing this content to mobile consumers is an
important step in our growth,” said Scott Fedonchik, Business Wire’s VP
of Marketing.

The BizWireTV Microzine will appear on targeted mobile sites such as
Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Business Insider, CBS Moneywatch, CNN Money,
CNBC, Fast Company, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal and offers
viewers access to the news programming directly within the Microzine.

The latest episode will be featured with options to search and view the
back catalogue of episodes in an easy to navigate platform, all without
having to exit the in-use app. In addition, viewers will be able to
access and download the BizWireTV app specifically designed for the
device being used. The BizWireTV app is available for iPhone and Android
devices via the app store on iTunes and Google Play, respectively:

“We are excited to work with Business Wire to help them engage their
audience on mobile in an innovative new way,” said Zumobi’s CEO Ken
Willner. “The new Microzine we’ve developed for Business Wire curates
their branded content and optimizes it for mobile, enabling them to
acquire and engage their customers. Our platform also provides Business
Wire with data they can use to enhance their content ensuring that it is
always relevant and targeted.”

The news programing is also available as an app on the Apple TV
over-the-top device for a home-streaming experience.

About Business Wire:

Business Wire, a Berkshire
company, is the global leader in press
release distribution
and regulatory
. Investor relations, public relations, public policy and
marketing professionals rely on Business Wire to accurately distribute
market-moving news and multimedia, host online
and IR
, build content
marketing platforms
, generate social engagements and provide
audience analysis that improves interaction with specified target
markets. Founded in 1961, Business Wire is a trusted source for news
organizations, journalists, investment professionals and regulatory
authorities, delivering news directly into editorial systems and leading
online news sources via its multi-patented simultaneous NX Network.
Business Wire has 29 offices worldwide to securely meet the varying
needs of communications professionals and news consumers. In 2015,
Business Wire teamed
up with Al Roker Entertainment
to create BizWireTV, a bi-weekly
digital video news program that features the top trending news releases
that cross the wire.

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About Zumobi

Zumobi is a leader in Mobile Content Marketing Solutions. Global brands
leverage the Zumobi Brand Integration (Zbi) Platform to power dynamic
mobile content experiences called Microzines to increase customer
acquisitions, engagement, activation and conversion in their apps,
mobile web and mobile media. The Zbi platform also provides brands with
extensive data and insights about the content they produce that can be
used to improve their re-targeting and cross channel marketing
initiatives. Zumobi has been pioneering mobile technologies since 2006.
To learn more, visit
or follow Zumobi on Twitter @Zumobi.


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