CasaTunes and URC Launch Total Control CasaTunes Module

CasaTunes Seamlessly Integrates into URC-Connected Homes

the leader in streaming multi-room
music solutions
, today unveiled the CasaTunes module for URC®’s
Total Control® home automation system to coincide with the start of
CEDIA where demos can be seen in booth #5028. CasaTunes created a driver
for the URC Total Control system that allows dealers to integrate
CasaTunes into a complete URC automated home and control it all
seamlessly using URC systems. URC can now control CasaTunes music
streams alongside URC’s powerful control for TVs, AV Receivers, DVD
players, lighting, thermostats, AV, security and other equipment in
every major category.

“As a leading force in whole-house control, URC is dedicated to
providing superior control products for homes including multi-room music
systems which are forever growing in popularity,” said Cat Toomey,
Director of Marketing with URC. “Using the free CasaTunes two-way
software module with our Total Control line of products makes it fast
and easy for dealers to integrate whole house audio using our
highly-efficient Accelerator configuration program.”

The new CasaTunes URC Total Control module allows the URC dealer to add
up to 9 streams of audio using the CasaTunes CT-3S,
and CT-8S
Streamers with URC Total Control systems. The driver supports both one-
and two-way commands and supplies metadata and cover art for each
stream. Each stream is totally independent and supplies up to 192kHz,
24bit music from built in music services like Pandora, Spotify, Tidal
and many others. In addition, the customer can use the CasaTunes streams
to listen to iTunes and Windows Media music along with AirPlay streams
from iOS devices and other AirPlay sources. A simple to use browsing
scheme lets the customer easily and quickly find the music to play.
CasaTunes Streamers include up to 1000GB of storage for local music. The
new solution is targeted for public release shortly after CEDIA EXPO

“It was a pleasure working with URC to integrate CasaTunes’ Streaming
products into the URC world. We believe URC dealers are in for a new
experience of excellent support and flexibility in streaming audio
products,” Kim Knapp, VP of engineering and design with CasaTunes stated.

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