Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated Successfully Completes “Top 10” Energy-Saving Challenge

Making Improvements Locally, Helping Company Meet Carbon Reduction
Goal Globally

ROANOKE, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC) Roanoke plant today
announced it has successfully completed The Coca-Cola Company and World
Wildlife Fund (WWF) partnership’s Top 10 Energy-Saving Challenge as part
of a larger effort to achieve Coca-Cola’s system-wide carbon reduction
goals. By implementing energy saving practices, CCBCC Roanoke plant, a
bottling partner for The Coca-Cola Company’s beverage products, has
reduced its carbon emissions by 12% since 2004, positively contributing
to the health of the local and global environment.

“This is a significant achievement, one that will have positive impact
on Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated’s business and the welfare of our
planet and climate protection,” said Matthew Banks, Senior Program
Officer, Business and Climate, at World Wildlife Fund. “We hope this
inspires others in and outside of the Coca-Cola bottling community to
follow suit, and realize the cost and energy saving advantages these
best practices offer.”

Coca-Cola and WWF launched the Energy-Saving Challenge in 10 different
languages in January 2011 to assist the Company’s bottling partners in
improving plant performance across its more than 850 manufacturing sites

The Challenge encourages bottling companies to implement energy-saving
practices that reduce environmental impacts while increasing cost
savings. The partners announced a larger climate goal in 2008 for
Coca-Cola to stabilize carbon emissions system-wide in its manufacturing
operations and to achieve a five percent carbon reduction in developed
countries by 2015. Through the Energy-Saving Challenge, Coca-Cola and
WWF have identified 10 practices that, if implemented across every
bottling plant, will enable Coca‐Cola to meet between 60-70 percent of
its carbon reduction goal.

The 10 Practices are as follows:

1. Implement regular program for surveying for and repairing compressed
air leaks

2. Implement regular program for surveying for and repairing all steam

3. Implement regular program for surveying for and repairing all hot and
cold pipe insulation, including valves

4. Reduce compressed air pressure to minimum acceptable level

5. Eliminate the use of compressed air knives as much as operationally

6. Convert plant lighting to high-efficiency equipment

7. Ensure all HVAC filters and condenser/evaporator coils are cleaned at
least annually and programmable thermostats are in use

8. Ensure steam condensate return rate is at least 75 percent

9. Ensure all control systems are programmed to reduce the amount of
energy consumed

10. Implement an employee training/involvement program

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with World Wildlife Fund
on the Energy-Saving Challenge,” said Lauren Steele, Senior Vice
President, Corporate Affairs, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated. “We
recognize that implementing these changes not only benefit the
environment, but also make good business sense.”

The Energy-Saving Challenge and climate goal are part of the larger
Coca-Cola and WWF partnership, which began in 2007, with a goal to
inspire a global movement to conserve water. The partnership is working
across several areas including within manufacturing plants to improve
water efficiency and reduce climate impacts, throughout the company’s
supply chain to promote sustainable agriculture, and on the ground to
conserve priority river basins. For its climate commitments, The
Coca-Cola Company was welcomed into WWF’s Climate Savers program, an
initiative led by WWF in which leading corporations partner with WWF to
establish ambitious targets to voluntarily reduce their greenhouse gas

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