Credit Union Leasing of America (CULA) Invited to Present at 2016 Symitar Educational Conference & Technology Expo

CULA Executive VP to address why auto leasing is one of the fastest
growing offerings at credit unions across the country

Union Leasing of America
(CULA), The Simply Perfect Lease® company,
has been invited to present about the flourishing auto lease market at
the 2016
Symitar Educational Conference & Technology Expo
to be held
September 12-15 in San Diego.

In his session titled The Growing Auto Lease Market: Get in the Game!
CULA Executive Vice President Greg
, Certified Vehicle Lease Executive (CVLE), will address the
reasons auto leasing is growing faster than other financial programs and
why top-tier credit unions are adopting auto leasing. He will cover the
market and its sustainability, market drivers, and the advantages of
auto leasing for credit unions and their members, as well as regulatory
considerations. Gandolfo asserts that the right time to get into the
market is now.

Hosted at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, the Symitar Educational
Conference & Technology Expo will gather credit union and bank
professionals for approximately 145 education and training sessions,
product demonstrations, networking and discussions about industry trends
and challenges. The conference can be followed on Twitter at #SYMSD.

CULA, headquartered in San Diego, has been providing credit unions with
low fee, high reward indirect auto leasing programs for more than 28
years. Auto leasing is growing faster than other vehicle financing
programs and enjoys a higher percentage of recurrent customers, making
it attractive to credit unions that want to grow in their markets. Auto
leasing attracts new members with higher credit scores due to low
leasing rates. The manpower cost to credit unions is minimal because it
leverages existing auto loan officers, processors and dealer reps.

“We’re honored to be invited to share our knowledge and expertise, and
to provide information about the fastest growing member offering at
credit unions today – indirect auto leasing,” said CULA CEO John R.
Thomas. “CULA invented indirect vehicle leasing through credit unions in
1988. Our deep experience, through multiple auto industry cycles,
enables us to provide leasing programs that are safe, compliant and
profitable for credit unions for the long term.”

About Credit Union Leasing of America (CULA)

Now in its 29th year, CULA is a pioneer in indirect auto
leasing for credit unions. CULA invented The Simply Perfect
, a low risk, high value leasing program for credit unions
that encompasses proprietary processes, technologies, and systems that
make auto leasing a win for credit unions, auto dealers and credit union
members. With its deep regulatory knowledge and understanding of the
credit union model, CULA maintains long-term business relationships with
top-tier credit unions throughout the U.S. that want to offer the gold
standard in auto leasing programs to their valued members. Visit us on LinkedIn.


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