Design SHIFT and Maxim Integrated Partner to Offer Privacy and Security for the Enterprise

Groundbreaking ORWL Privacy Appliance Integrates the MAX32550 Secure
Controller by Maxim

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Design SHIFT has partnered with Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. to
include Maxim’s MAX32550 DeepCover® secure microcontroller in its
groundbreaking privacy appliance, ORWL. The small, circular device uses
two-factor authentication—a physical key and a password—along with
tamper-proof physical hardware to protect personal information and
communications from being physically hacked.

ORWL includes a failsafe kill-switch never before offered to consumers.
Any attempt to break into ORWL prevents the device from booting up,
shutting it down immediately. No other security offering delivers this
level of protection.

“You cannot hack what isn’t on,” said Olivier Boireau, CEO of Design
SHIFT. “We designed ORWL to be an elegant, pocket-sized device that puts
all your personal data and communications into a virtual bank vault that
only the assigned user can access. We are proud to be partnering with
Maxim once again to deliver this level of security and privacy to the

The MAX32550 secure controller maximizes security for ORWL through the
following functions:

  • Constant monitoring of the system’s integrity through active mesh
  • Identification of the user key over near field communication (NFC)
    before powering up the computer

“We are excited about our collaboration with Design SHIFT, as it
demonstrates that our expertise in payment can also find a home in other
markets like IoT, industrial applications, or in this case, the PC
market,” declared Don Loomis, Vice President, Micros & Security Business
Unit at Maxim Integrated. “The need for security in the connected world
keeps on growing at a fast pace and Maxim is very well positioned to
tackle it.”

The ORWL device will ship in Spring of 2016. For more information, visit

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