For Dole in 2016, Healthy Living is a Team Exercise

The produce provider’s refreshed Get Up and Grow! Together™ uses
healthy group competition to encourage nutritional action

Consumers can recruit their friends, family or co-workers to build
healthy-living teams and win culinary immersion experiences

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Taking a page from the fantasy sports playbook, Dole
is challenging Americans to think of healthy eating and living as team
sports in 2016.

The fresh produce provider has launched a community-focused version of
its popular Get Up and Grow!™ initiative introduced in 2015 to increase
America’s nutritional health through greater consumption of fresh fruits
and vegetables. Last year’s multifaceted program ultimately distributed
more than 145,000 healthy recipe samples at 381 supermarkets and special
events in 44 cities in the U.S. and Canada, and persuaded more than
15,000 people to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Unveiled today, the refreshed Get Up and Grow! Together year-long
initiative builds on that success by asking Americans to recruit their
friends, family or co-workers to create teams of fellow health seekers –
and then offers culinary-immersion and other group experiences
celebrating the wonder of fruits, vegetables and salads to certain lucky
individuals and those teams that rise to the top.

The program represents a joint effort between Dole
Fresh Fruit
of Westlake Village, Dole
Fresh Vegetables
of Monterey, Calif., and the Kannapolis,
N.C.-based Dole
Nutrition Institute
, including the newly formed Culinary
department, and uses a variety of interactive consumer
tactics to impact long-term nutritional change through the adoption of a
healthier plant-based diet.

“We created Dole’s first truly integrated nutritional initiative to
encourage North Americans to go beyond just talking about healthier
eating and take tangible steps toward achieving their own diet, fitness
and wellness goals,” said Bil Goldfield, Dole Food Company’s director of
corporate communications. “Of the 15,000-plus people who took our Get Up
and Grow! Pledge last year, a large percentage ended up recruiting their
friends and family to join them in their quest for better living, which
suggested to us the sheer power of teamwork and positive peer pressure
in achieving personal health goals.”

“We’re leveraging these key learnings to add a new group focus to this
year’s program to encourage even more Americans to take positive action
toward their own health and happiness. Now, teams with similar wellness
ambitions can support, encourage and keep each other accountable to
achieve their goals and be rewarded with unique group experiences led by
the nutrition and culinary experts at Dole and the Dole Nutrition

Like last year, the highlight of the program is the Get Up and Grow!
Together Tour
, which will bring healthy-living insights, recipes,
free tastes and sharable fruit and vegetable experiences for kids and
adults to approximately 400 supermarkets and special events in 42 cities
across the U.S. This year’s tour kicks off on National Eat More
Fruits & Vegetables Day
on May 26, 2016, an annual
healthy-eating holiday created by Dole, and continues through September.

Also returning in 2016 is the interactive Get Up and Grow! Together
Healthy Living Challenge
which will supplement last year’s
individual pledge option with a new team focus, enabling participants to
build groups of like-minded pledge-takers. Team leaders can recruit
their friends, family, co-workers or other associates to join their
team, and then track the growth of their group against others across the

All individual and team challenge participants are encouraged to enter a
pair of summer promotions to receive culinary immersion parties and
other experiences designed to show the delicious (and unexpected)
possibilities of fruits, vegetables and salads. Participants can submit
their challenge commitment and enter the promotion online or at any Get
Up and Grow! Together Tour stop.

Dole is creating a new batch of easy and delicious Get Up and Grow!
Together fruit and vegetable recipes for the year-long initiative and
summer tour. The recipes, many showcasing on-the-road convenience or
offered in family sizes to reflect the campaign’s group focus, were
developed in partnership with Chef Mark Allison, Dole’s director of
culinary nutrition, and the RDs and nutritional experts at the Dole
Nutrition Institute.

Once again, Dole will leverage its close to 2 million social followers
and strong blogger, influencer, registered dietitian and media
relationships to encourage widespread public participation, consistent
with its larger goal of making America a happier, healthier and more
nutritious place.

Throughout the program, Dole aims to maximize consumer involvement with
the Dole Nutrition Institute (DNI), created by Dole Chairman David H.
Murdock, as the world’s definitive, accessible, scientifically-validated
resource on plant-based nutrition and health. DNI harvests findings from
universities around the world – including the eight institutions working
with the Dole Nutrition Research Laboratory – and distributes them via
newsletters, reference materials, cookbooks and in-school,
teacher-education programs that reach millions.

Details on all aspects of Get Up and Grow! Together, including the
interactive challenge, promotion and nationwide tour, will be
continually updated on the new Get Up and Grow! Together microsite

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