From Earth Quake Devastation to Business Growth – How Business in Heels Is Helping to Rebuild the Business Community of Nepal on International Women’s Day

MELBOURNE, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The World Economic Forum predicts global gender parity will not be
reached until 2133 and Australian duo Lisa Sweeney and Jo Plummer,
Co-owners of Business in Heels are not prepared to wait that long.
Business in Heels is using International Women’s Day to join forces with
Sunisha Thapa, a prominent Nepalese businesswoman to take concrete steps
towards supporting and nurturing business growth in this once earthquake
devastated region.

“I had taken on the franchise because I really liked the idea of
Business In Heels, networking, getting together and helping each other,
empowering women. One day BIH will be a part of Women empowerment Forum.
We’ll be helping to generate more entrepreneurialism and helping young
girls with really good ideas,“ says Sunisha Thapa, Branch Director.

These dreams however turned to rubble along with the town of Kathmandu
when the earthquake hit, and the already fragile community of female
entrepreneurs in Nepal experienced further setbacks.

  • The April 2015 Nepal earthquake killed over 8,000 people and injured
    more than 21,000.
  • The number of females over 25 with secondary education in Nepal is
    only 17.9% (2010)
  • The female business community in Nepal is tiny. Only a fraction of
    them become (less than 0.1%) entrepreneurs.
  • The Dalai Lama is reported as saying the way out of poverty is for
    women to start businesses and lead their communities to a different
    way of living
  • Leading women to a different way of living is at the heart of why
    Sunisha joined with Lisa and Jo to bring businesswomen in Kathmandu
    together to learn, grow and support each other’s business dreams.

“Sunisha’s branch exists in a country where the daily struggles of women
would overwhelm most of us. Bravely, she soldiers on and, as the
rebuilding process continues, she is keen to once again provide the
environment for the women of Kathmandu to meet in safety, make
connections and encourage each other to turn their passions into
businesses,” explains Lisa Sweeney, the Master Franchisor for Business
in Heels Global.

“International Women’s Day is calling on women all around the globe to
do something practical to help. By assisting Sunisha to set up a
structured meeting and networking community in Kathmandu, we are taking
very practical steps to help our Nepalese sisters in business to create
a business that will support their families. Every woman can be a leader
in her own part of the world; we just need to take pragmatic action to
fast track this leadership and the rewards it brings.”

To discuss the struggles faced by women in business in both Nepal and
Australia, and to explore what women can do to support each other
through this journey, contact Lisa Sweeney.


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