Innovative New Exercise Machine, Sky PressCycle, Revolutionizes Strength Training and Functional Alignment

Symmetry Central launches Sky PressCycle to build strength while
maintaining muscular balance and skeletal alignment to prevent and
correct injury

is proud to announce the patented Sky PressCycle – an
evolutionary exercise machine based on Tetrahedron Biomechanics which
positions the muscular skeletal system in equilibrium and accounts for
the natural compensation patterns of the body. The Sky PressCycle is
designed to help safely recover from injury, efficiently build muscle,
and promote proper alignment for a more effective way to train.

With roughly 3.4 million emergency department visits at U.S. hospitals
per year for back problems, Americans spend approximately $50 billion
annually on lower back pain relief. Thousands of ER visits stem from
gym-related mishaps and 50,000 ER visits resulted from exercise
equipment accidents.

“Americans suffer countless injuries because traditional exercise
machines rely on leverage to build muscle which often causes muscular
skeletal imbalances or dysfunction, that results in injuries and pain to
the upper and lower extremities,” says Michael Moschel, Founder of
Symmetry Central. “Many of my clients suffered from injuries caused by
misalignment so, I developed Sky PressCycle to effectively relieve their
pain and postural problems and prevent future injuries.”

The state-of-the-art exercise machine targets the chest muscles – the
user performs vertical weight lifts while simultaneously rotating their
legs on a peddle mechanism causing the body to alternate evenly instead
of focusing on its natural bias towards one side. This forces the
exerciser to perform the movement correctly, promoting
muscle confusion
, enabling users to build significantly more
strength than with traditional weight training machines. The Sky
PressCycle utilizes the entire pectoral muscle by stabilizing the core
to create more functional – deep and balanced – strength with the least
amount of tension, and while maintaining the alignment crucial to
avoiding common injuries. The body requires some tension to function,
but most training approaches create too much tension which can create

“The Sky PressCycle revolutionizes the way people strength train and
creates better, stronger and faster athletes,” adds Moschel. “It truly
is a game-changer in the industry and we are excited to share it with
the world.”

Michael Moschel, Founder and CEO of Symmetry Central, is a fitness
trainer, massage therapist and author of “The Dysfunction Manifesto”
with vast experience in the treatment of pain, postural problems and
muscular imbalances.


For Symmetry Central
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