Kaspersky Lab Launches a Safer Way for Children to Explore the Digital World

New Kaspersky Safe Kids Solution Provides Advanced Parental
Controls Across Multiple Devices

today announced the availability of Kaspersky
Safe Kids
, a solution for safeguarding children when they use the
Internet on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The new tool
includes features that allow parents to better monitor children’s online
activity and physical location, prevent them from going to inappropriate
websites, and regulate the amount of time they can use their computers
or mobile devices.

Children as young as three years old are accessing Internet-enabled
devices and many parents are finding it challenging to ensure their
children, regardless of age, are safely exploring the digital world.
According to a Kaspersky Lab survey, over half (52%) of respondents
believe that the cyber threats their children face online are
increasing. Moreover, 45 percent reported a concern that children are
encountering inappropriate or explicit content online, 41 percent worry
about children communicating with dangerous strangers, and equally as
many (40%) fear children are sharing too much personal information
online about themselves.

Kaspersky Lab created Safe Kids to help address these concerns and
improve the ability of parents to create new ways for their children to
use connected devices and browse the Internet. The new multi-platform
software not only protects kids from viewing inappropriate content on
websites and apps, but it also helps parents manage the amount of time
children spend on their Internet-enabled devices. In addition, with the
Safe Location feature, parents can monitor their child’s location in
real-time, set up safe areas and receive automatic alerts if their child
moves outside the agreed perimeter.

“Today’s kids are always connected. It’s a fact of life. And because
that connection is often shielded from parents, it can make a parent
feel powerless to understand what’s happening while kids are online,”
says Brett Schetzsle, consumer security specialist at Kaspersky Lab.
“Tools like Safe Kids give parents more options for protecting and
guiding their children by developing an interactive relationship between
parent and child to determine what is appropriate for their digital
lives. Overall, the most effective and comprehensive protection combines
the use of software like Safe Kids with other practical measures, such
as keeping computers in family areas and talking to children about
potential cyber threats, to help ensure kids stay safe while online,” he

Kaspersky Safe Kids can be downloaded
for free
along with the
premium version
for $14.99, which includes additional features like
Safe Location, Instant Alerts and Safe Communication. The premium
version is also included in the current version of Kaspersky
Total Security
. Safe Kids also comes with a free My Kaspersky
account, making it easy for parents to manage the protection of your
children via the Web, react based on the real-time notifications and
adjust the protection settings for each of the devices in use, even when
you are not near your children.

More information on online threats to children and advice on how to
protect them can be found on the Kaspersky Lab blog: https://blog.kaspersky.com/

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