Making a Perfect V-Line Through the Long-Curved Square Jaw Reduction

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Angled and prominent jaw is one of the biggest concerns of many women
who are yearning for a younger-looking face. This is because a wide
square jaw not only gives strong and masculine impression, but makes the
face look older and bigger than its actual size.

Such facial shape limits the number of hair styles that women can try,
and accentuates the angular jaw lines for guys due to their short hair.

As a result, increasing number of job applicants and many
bride-and-groom-to-be are considering jaw reduction surgery.

Previous jaw reduction surgery was done by cutting out the square jaw
bone under the ears. However, patients can now expect a more dramatic
result through improved long-curved osteotomy, which sculpts a smooth
jaw line without any secondary angles or angulated areas.

The long-curved jaw reduction corrects all the way from the square jaw
bone under the ears to the side jaw line at once, creating a dramatic
narrow oval face. Its resection line can be expanded to the frontal chin
area to prevent secondary angles and create a perfect jaw line in every

Jeemyeong Kim, director of facial contouring at TL Plastic Surgery Korea
advised, “There are many different ways to improve the facial contour.
So consult with plastic surgery specialists on the most effective way to
improve your facial problems and set a detailed plan for achieving a
smaller face, instead of worrying about touching the bones beforehand.”

Because there are nerves passing through the frontal chin line, any jaw
reduction surgery should be considered carefully. Patients must consult
with plastic surgery specialists and make a detailed surgical plan and
choose the hospital carefully after considering whether the hospital has
a resident anesthesiologists or not.

Jeemyeong Kim, the director of facial contouring at TL Plastic Surgery
Korea added, “To achieve a natural looking beautiful facial contour,
surgery must be conducted after considering multiple factors such as the
overall ratio of facial features and three-dimensional effect of the
face.” He also advised, “There are many plastic surgeons who
thoughtlessly approach the facial contouring surgeries because it
delivers a dramatic result. Patients should choose the hospital which
can provide a highly reliable result through a safe surgical procedures
because it decreases the risk factors of the patients.”


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