Nevada’s Top Two Youth Volunteers Selected in 21st Annual National Awards Program

Las Vegas students earn $1,000 awards, engraved medallions and trip
to nation’s capital

Honors also bestowed on youth volunteers in Eureka, Reno and Las Vegas

CARSON CITY, Nev.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–James Lea, 17 and Marquis Jamison, 13, both of Las Vegas, today were
named Nevada’s top two youth volunteers of 2016 by The Prudential Spirit
of Community Awards, a nationwide program honoring young people for
outstanding acts of volunteerism. James and Marquis were both nominated
by Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School in Las Vegas. The
Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, now in its 21st year, is
conducted by Prudential Financial in partnership with the National
Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

James, a junior at Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School, helps
brighten the holiday season for children who have recently lost a parent
by surprising their families with an anonymous gift each day for 12
days, tied to the theme of the song “12 Days of Christmas.” In 2008,
when James was 9 years old, his father died from a sudden heart attack.
“It was hard on my brother, my mom, and me,” said James. “Even though we
would laugh at times, the pain never went away.” Then one day in
December, a mysterious gift of pears appeared on the family doorstep.
And for each of the next 11 days, James and his family found another
gift left for them. It turned out the family’s church was behind the
surprise, though they didn’t know it at the time. “By the twelfth day,
we were so excited and happy,” said James. “We couldn’t believe that we
could feel so normal again.”

Wanting to pass along the joy their family had experienced, James and
his brother started ringing the doorbells of other grieving families,
leaving gifts, and running away. Soon after, they helped their mother
found a nonprofit called “In12Days” to expand the effort. The family
built a website and began reaching out to individuals, other charities
and companies for support. Every year, they recruit 12 companies to
donate $5,000 each to cover the cost of the surprises. To identify
families suffering from loss, they contact schools, religious groups and
civic organizations. Surprises include things like a basket of fresh
pears, an inflatable pool turtle filled with Dove chocolates, a French
hen meal, and a wreath of “calling birds” containing airline or sporting
event tickets. So far, In12Days has touched the lives of more than 7,000
people in Las Vegas, Chicago, and San Francisco, said James, and now has
over 1,000 volunteers supporting its mission.

Marquis, a seventh-grader at Faith Lutheran Middle School and High
School, has volunteered in a variety of ways to aid homeless people,
at-risk kids, young cancer patients and children with disabilities. He
began his volunteering in kindergarten, handing out food to the
homeless. In second grade, he cut off his long hair in front of his
whole school to draw attention to kids with cancer, and raised more than
$3,000 for a cancer foundation.

A few years later, Marquis’ mother started a nonprofit organization
called “Vegas Youth Ambassadors,” and Marquis became one of its most
active participants. Besides handing out food, clothing and hygiene
supplies to the homeless, Marquis has helped teach at-risk youth about
teamwork, sportsmanship and how to be productive members of the
community. In addition, Marquis has twice traveled to Sri Lanka and
Thailand to work with orphaned children and deliver wheelchairs to
children with disabilities. “I learned that it feels good to help other
people and to stand up to make a change,” said Marquis.

As State Honorees, James and Marquis each will receive $1,000, an
engraved silver medallion and an all-expense-paid trip in early May to
Washington, D.C., where they will join the top two honorees from each of
the other states and the District of Columbia for four days of national
recognition events. During the trip, 10 students will be named America’s
top youth volunteers of 2016.

Distinguished Finalists

The program judges also recognized four other Nevada students as
Distinguished Finalists for their impressive community service
activities. Each will receive an engraved bronze medallion.

These are Nevada’s Distinguished Finalists for 2016:

Megan Damele, 17, of Eureka, Nev., a senior at Eureka County High
School, joined with her community in an effort to raise funds to support
a young resident with cancer. Megan, who personally raised $3,000 of the
$45,000 fundraising total, helped print, sort and sell raffle tickets,
handed out flyers, and maintained the archive of the raffle prize

Alexandra Jensen, 17, of Reno, Nev., a member of the Girl Scouts
of the Sierra Nevada and a senior at Galena High School, produced a
video featuring people with Tourette syndrome to help raise awareness
about this disorder that causes uncontrollable tics. Alexandra, whose
aunt and best friend both have Tourette syndrome, traveled nearly every
weekend for a year to personally meet and interview patients for the
video, and has also created a short presentation about the disease to go
with the video.

Molly Marias, 18, of Las Vegas, Nev., a senior at West Career and
Technical Academy, is actively involved in a service club founded by her
family in 2006 called “Giving Grizzlies,” which teaches children as
young as elementary age the importance of giving back. Once Molly
entered high school, she made some modifications to the program, which
now involves 35 teen mentors who are paired with 25 elementary students
throughout the year to teach them to be community advocates and to
engage in community service.

Baylee Mee, 13, of Reno, Nev., an eighth-grader at Edward L. Pine
Middle School, worked with a friend and fellow Girl Scout to create “The
Buddy Bench,” installing a special bench at her school where a child
goes if he or she is feeling left out or bullied, after which fellow
students offer assistance. Baylee worked with her friend and the school
principal to choose a location for the bench, spent 54 hours on design
and installation, and gave a presentation to the students on how to use
the bench to help curb bullying.

“Prudential commends each of these young volunteers for using their
creativity and compassion to bring positive change to their
communities,” said Prudential Chairman and CEO John Strangfeld. “We hope
their stories inspire others to consider how they can make a difference,

“We are pleased to honor these students not only for their exemplary
acts of service, but for the powerful example they’ve set for their
peers,” said JoAnn Bartoletti, executive director of NASSP.
“Congratulations to each of the 2016 honorees.”

About The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards represents the United States’
largest youth recognition program based solely on volunteer service. All
public and private middle level and high schools in the country, as well
as all Girl Scout councils, county 4-H organizations, American Red Cross
chapters, YMCAs and HandsOn Network affiliates, were eligible to select
a student or member for a local Prudential Spirit of Community Award.
These Local Honorees were then reviewed by an independent judging panel,
which selected State Honorees and Distinguished Finalists based on
criteria including personal initiative, effort, impact and personal

While in Washington, D.C., the 102 State Honorees – one middle level and
one high school student from each state and the District of Columbia –
will tour the capital’s landmarks, meet top youth volunteers from other
parts of the world, attend a gala awards ceremony at the Smithsonian’s
National Museum of Natural History, and visit their congressional
representatives on Capitol Hill. On May 2, 10 of the State Honorees –
five middle level and five high school students – will be named
America’s top youth volunteers of 2016. These National Honorees will
receive additional $5,000 awards, gold medallions, crystal trophies and
$5,000 grants from The Prudential Foundation for nonprofit charitable
organizations of their choice.

Since the program began in 1995, more than 115,000 young volunteers have
been honored at the local, state and national level. The program also is
conducted by Prudential subsidiaries in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan,
Ireland, India, China and Brazil. In addition to granting its own
awards, The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program also
distributes President’s Volunteer Service Awards to qualifying Local
Honorees on behalf of President Barack Obama.

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State Honorees and Distinguished Finalists, visit


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