New Study Finds Millennials Drive Better-for-You Snacking Trend

National Research Conducted by Amplify Snack Brands & The Center for
Generational Kinetics

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new national study by Amplify
Snack Brands, Inc.
(“Amplify”)(NYSE:BETR) and the Center
for Generational Kinetics
discovered that Millennials have been the
driving force behind the growth of the better-for-you snack category.
Thanks to these health conscious and influential consumers defining both
how we snack and our expectations of those snacks, better-for-you
choices are now sought after by a mainstream audience. The national
research revealed that healthier snacks have become widely available
across the country, break the income barrier, and are being held to the
same standards of universal taste appeal as their conventional products.
The result: healthy is the new normal.

The study’s white paper, available for download at,
uncovers research-based insights into better-for-you snacking trends and
how to engage Millennials by understanding their perceptions,
motivations, and behaviors when it comes to snacking. For example:

  • Millennials Expect Great Taste: Gone are the days when health
    was an acceptable trade-off for taste. 78% of Millennials describe
    better-for-you snacks as tasting the same or better than traditional
    packaged snacks.
  • Less is More: 64% of Millennials, more than any other
    generation, believe that fewer ingredients mean a snack is healthier.
    In addition, 79% of Millennials said that understanding all the
    ingredients increases their level of trust in a packaged snack.
  • Social Media is the Messenger: More than any other generation,
    Millennials will try a better-for-you snack based solely on an online
    rating, review, or social media post.
  • Motivated by the Kids: Millennial moms are not just eating
    healthy for themselves, they’re also setting an example. The majority
    (69%) of Millennial moms say their kids understand that some snacks
    are healthier than others and 55% say their kids are more likely to
    choose a better-you-snack over another packaged snack.

This study is such a fantastic example of how powerful the Millennial
generation can be for businesses,” said Jason Dorsey, Millennial
researcher, a.k.a. the Gen Y Guy. “Their passion for healthy eating
helped to turn a niche snacking category into a thriving industry, and
it’s only just the beginning! Millennial parents are instilling these
values into their kids and setting the stage for the next generation of
better-for-you snackers. For those seeking to attract and retain this
influential customer segment, our national research sheds valuable
insight into their behavior and how to make an impact.”

Added Tom Ennis, Amplify Snack Brands’ CEO, “Millennials have set the
quality bar high for better-for-you snacks, and consumers deserve
nothing less. At Amplify, we attribute our success to meeting and
exceeding those standards. For our brands, quality is the first and
foremost priority in our product development. We always use premium,
clean and simple ingredients – nothing artificial, always great tasting,
and that will never be sacrificed.”

About Amplify Snack Brands

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The Center for Generational Kinetics is the leader in Millennial
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