NTT Solmare Releases a NEW Title from the “Shall we date?” Series!

“Shall we date? : Eternal Vows -Love beyond time-” (paid version) ,
the fourth collaboration with Otomate.

OSAKA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NTT Solmare Corporation (Hereafter referred to as “NTT Solmare”) is
thrilled to announce that the dating sim game Eternal Vows -Love beyond
time- will be released worldwide for both iOS and Android devices today,
May 12, 2016. Eternal Vows -Love beyond time- is proudly presented as
the latest offering from the fan-favorite series of romance games, Shall
we date?.

Originally released by Idea Factory under the brand Otomate as a
Japan-only, PlayStation®Portable exclusive, Eternal Vows depicts
bittersweet stories of love found between the heroine and the Nokizaru
ninjas, who carried out secret missions through major battles in the
“Warring States” period of medieval Japan. These love stories are now
globally accessible to iOS/Android users for $3.99 – 4.99 per character
at the NTT Solmare App Store found here:

Story Introduction:

The heroine of this story is an average student and a member of her
school’s archery club. In a sudden twist of fate, she finds herself
leaving her uneventful life behind, being thrown headlong through time
to medieval Japan. In this time, known as the “Warring States” period,
continued civil war ravages with no end in sight. She appears in this
time right at the feet of Masatora Uesugi, later known as Kenshin
Uesugi. Masatora takes an interest in her bizarre clothes and way of
talking, brings her back to Kasugayama Castle and places her under guard
of the “Nokizaru”, a unit of ninjas. Although life in this war-torn era
is not something she has ever expected up until now, she does her best
to stay positive. She finds a place for herself by connecting with the
people around her, eventually understanding and feeling the importance
of the bond with them.


* Each character’s story highlights and Prologue: Free
* Main
story: $3.99 – 4.99 (USD) per character
Please note that the above
price is available in the US iTunes App Store and Google Play Store or
equivalent amount in other currencies.

Release Date:

May 12, 2016 (PST)



Supported OS versions:

* Android: 4.0 or later
* iOS: 7.0 or later

How to access:

Access the URL below from a smartphone or other mobile device.

Social Networking Sites:

The official Facebook page for the “Shall we date?” series:

About NTT Solmare:

Through the medium of iTunes App Store and Google Play, NTT Solmare
Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan; President: Akira Tomana) has
been releasing many games that have finely illustrated arts under its
dating simulation game brand: “Shall we date?” series. The series has
been enthusiastically supported by its players all over the world,
having a great average review score of 4.4/5.0 in iTunes App Store as of
May 2016, and is proudly receiving a high reputation from customers.
Solmare Corporation will continue providing our customers great
satisfactions by creating advanced services from the customers’
perspective, upholding the corporate mission: “We, NTT Solmare, offer
new kinds of surprise and plenty of excitement to our customers,
contributing to enrichment of our society.” (


NTT Solmare Corporation
Kenji Tanaka, +81-6-6228-8861