Nurture budding botanists with a new NSTA Kids book

invites elementary-age children to experience the fun of
studying how plants sprout, grow, and reproduce. From
Flower to Fruit
uses an engaging story and beautiful artwork to
cultivate kids’ interest in nature. Six kid-friendly activities and
background information for parents and teachers complement the text.

The book sparks curiosity about the parts of a flower and the vital
roles of bees and seeds in reproduction. It also encourages readers to
ask questions such as: How does a seed change as it sprouts into a
plant? Why do scientists call a tomato a fruit?

The authors of From Flower to Fruit are Richard and Kathleen
Konicek-Moran, husband-and-wife naturalists. Richard is the author of
the popular NSTA series Everyday
Science Mysteries
and co-author of the
bestselling book Teaching
for Conceptual Understanding in Science
. Kathleen has been
published in the journal The Botanical Artist. Both
believe in advancing the importance of botany in children’s science

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