Over Three-Quarters of Moms Indulge in Naughty Nibbling in the Holiday Kitchen, New Study Reveals

Kensho Kitchen, a Boston e-Commerce Startup, Releases Research on
Moms in the Holiday Kitchen

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to a new survey conducted by Kensho Kitchen, an e-commerce
startup in Boston, over three-quarters (75.6%) of moms “like to have a
little fun” in the holiday kitchen.

Nearly half (47.3%) of moms shared their naughtiest behavior is nibbling
at cookies/candies/sweet treats when preparing meals. Moms reported
their second most popular naughty behavior (26.3%) is “sipping
wine/eggnog/other tasty alcoholic treats while preparing food” and an
additional 11.1% said their naughtiest behavior is “finishing up
leftovers from my kids plates while cleaning up.” Kensho Kitchen
surveyed moms of children under 18 in November 2015.

Balancing Indulgence and Health and Safety Matter over the Holidays

Findings of the survey, titled, “Moms in the Holiday Kitchen” further
reveal that 85.3% of moms agree that over the holidays they are much
more lenient about eating treats. And 75% try to prepare healthier
snacks and meals where possible to balance all the holiday goodies.
Favorite healthy snacks to cut up for the kids are apples, grapes and

Nearly all moms (95.1%) are aware of keeping their children safe in the
kitchen. Moms top two safety concerns are hot stove/oven and sharp

“The holidays are a festive time of year. Moms want to have fun, perhaps
indulge more, as well as provide healthy food for the family. And, of
course, they are mindful of their children’s safety. We create our
products to be delightful to use and the new Mommy Bird knife gives
peace of mind that little fingers are safer from sharp blades,” said
Rose Aston, Director, Kensho Kitchen.

Kensho Kitchen launched their Mommy Bird knife over Black Friday on Amazon
and it was immediately named a “Hot New Release.”

A fun, bird-shaped ceramic folding knife, it is designed slightly
smaller to fit women’s hands and folds up after use to minimize
opportunities for children to accidentally grab a sharp knife blade.

About Kensho Kitchen

believes that the way one cooks is just as important as the
food one cooks. They are committed to selling culinary products that
deliver results with ease and enjoyment. Kensho Kitchen is located in
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