People Living with HIV in Illinois Encouraged to Take HIV #StayinCare Quiz

Quiz urges HIV-positive Illinoisans to get in care, stay in care
and live well

HIV Care Connect
has introduced the HIV
#StayinCare Quiz
 to raise awareness of the topic of staying in care,
also known as “retention in care.” By taking this seven-minute quiz,
people living with HIV in Illinois can measure their offhand awareness
and knowledge of why staying in HIV care is important. At the end of the
quiz, they are informed of the correct answers and directed to
educational resources about the importance of staying in HIV care. The
quiz can be found at

Illinois HIV Care Connect is promoting the quiz on its website (
and via its Twitter,
and Instagram
social media platforms.

“The Stay in Care Quiz is part of a web and social media campaign
emphasizing the importance of staying in HIV care,” said Tom Hughes,
executive director of the Illinois Public Health Association (IPHA),
which manages Illinois HIV Care Connect with funding from the Illinois
Department of Public Health (IDPH). “It follows two successful campaigns
we have done previously – one on the importance of viral
and another on HIV
and mental health
. All of these campaigns give advice on how to live
long and healthy lives with HIV.”

In fall 2016, Illinois HIV Care Connect will publish educational content
about the importance of staying in HIV care on its website. People
living with HIV in Illinois will be asked to retake the quiz after
reviewing the campaign information, so that Illinois HIV Care Connect
can compare the pre- and post-campaign quiz results.

Illinois HIV Care Connect is a statewide network providing medical case
management, health care and support services to people living with HIV. Seven
lead agencies coordinate the services provided to eight Illinois regions

through the program. About 36,000 Illinois residents are estimated to be
HIV-positive. Illinois HIV Care Connect lead agency offices located in
Rockford, Peoria, Springfield, Belleville, Murphysboro, Champaign and
Chicago serve people living with HIV in all of Illinois’ 102 counties.


For Illinois HIV Care Connect
Ray Valek, 708-352-8695