Launches New Personal Cloud for Secure Co-Management of Data at the Office and Home

A major shift forward in how people and teams manage data in their
work and personal lives

today released a new Personal Cloud that enables teams to jointly
manage, share and collaborate on frequently-needed data and information
for business and personal use, such as booking travel, managing company
passwords and account info, employee onboarding, sharing info with
office and home visitors, and family, home, vehicle and health
information management. This represents a dramatically different
approach to how people create and collaborate on data that is essential
to their business and lives.

Today, the data and information people rely on professionally and
personally are scattered in silos like spreadsheets, password managers,
cloud storage providers, databases, paper and even sticky notes. This
makes them difficult to find and keep updated, and results in the data
being passed around with little regard for security and efficiency.

Built on a platform designed specifically for privacy and security, the
Personal Cloud enables users and teams to have a single, accessible hub
for frequently used data, saving countless hours and hassle while
enabling powerful new data-driven experiences.

“While some data is only needed by a single user, the reality is the
vast majority of the data we use at work and home is needed by more than
one person at some point in time,” said Shane Green, co-founder and CEO
of Personal. “The new Personal Cloud is the ultimate life hack. It
reimagines how people use and collaborate on data, in turn driving work
and life productivity in ways not previously possible. The Personal
Cloud makes that possible while maintaining utmost security and privacy.”

Example uses include:

  • Booking Travel – Users can assemble groups of frequently needed
    and shared data for business and personal travel that includes
    frequent flier details, passports, hotel and car rental preferences
    and other booking information, which then can be securely shared with
    the office travel planner or family members with strict permissions.
  • Managing Company Passwords and Account Info – Teams can group
    specific sets of data tailored to each employee, including for new
    hire onboarding, such as Wi-Fi and account passwords and other key
    office information, application account access numbers and insurance
    details—all of which can be easily shared and synced for automatic
    updates and revoked when those employees no longer need them.
  • Products and Devices – Individuals can manage and sync key
    information about vehicles, electronics, valuables and everything else
    that they and others need to access and use.
  • Family, Account and Health Information Management – Family
    members can group personal and account information such as social
    security numbers, health details, contact information and more.
  • Caregivers & Visitors – Users can provide view-only access
    to repetitive but essential information for babysitters, pet sitters,
    office visitors, house guests, short term renters, and contractors –
    and revoke that access when no longer needed.
  • Estate, End-of-Life and Disaster Planning – Users can organize
    and share key records such as financial accounts, life insurance
    policies and wills, doctor and emergency contacts and utility and
    other service account information. is a venture-backed startup that originally captured the
market’s attention with its Personal Data Vault – a secure, cloud-based
application for individuals to manage over 1,200 different types of
personal and company information.

The new Personal Cloud capabilities include: the ability for most data
to be collectively used and updated by anyone with permission; a new
“bundling” technology for organizing dozens or even hundreds of related
fields of data to solve specific work and home problems; a view-only
mode for sharing data; bank-level security, and cutting-edge standards
for privacy and trust. For more, see

The Personal Cloud is free for teams of any size to use and collaborate.
Users can sign up at


Personal is revolutionizing the way people, teams and businesses
co-manage and collaborate on the essential data that powers the office
and home. Built on Personal’s award-winning privacy- and
security-by-design platform, the Personal Cloud and apps dramatically
boost productivity, reduce wasted time and hassle, and unlock entirely
new data-driven experiences with user-permissioned data.

Jo Ann Pruchniewski, 301.693.2643