PetCure Oncology Forms World-Class Scientific Advisory Board

Pioneers in veterinary and human oncology come together to help
revolutionize cancer care for pets

, the leader in cancer care for pets, is proud to announce
that its newly-created Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) recently met for
the first time and reported immediate progress in their effort to
establish safe, reliable, and effective standards for the delivery of
veterinary stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS).

PetCure Oncology’s formation of the SAB underscores its commitment to
providing pet families with the highest standards of care and service,
especially pertaining to the delivery of SRS, an advanced form of
radiation therapy that is being made available to pets on a broad scale
for the first time. As leaders in veterinary cancer care and SRS,
PetCure Oncology has put together a team of experts to refine protocols
and establish standards that can be used across the industry to optimize
the efficiency and effectiveness of SRS.

“The foundation of our commitment to revolutionize cancer care in the
veterinary industry is to ensure safety and quality of life while
providing leading-edge and innovative solutions,” said Jim TeWinkle,
PetCure Oncology’s Chief Strategy Officer. “The establishment of our SAB
will help clearly define scientific protocols for veterinary radiation
therapy, bring human cancer care standards to the industry and ensure
that our commitment to excellence is never compromised.”

The first meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board was held in late
September at PetCure Oncology’s corporate headquarters in Chicago. The
SAB embraced PetCure Oncology’s mission to revolutionize cancer care for
pets and committed to rely on medical science as the primary driver for
the development of SRS clinical guidelines and standards. They also set
forth recommendations for standardized data collection of key clinical
indicators. The SAB then quickly jumped into their ambitious project,
utilizing their extensive clinical experience and diverse areas of
specialty to establish pre-treatment processes, treatment delivery
processes, and dosing standards for SRS treatments.

The ten-member team
of accomplished and well-respected clinical experts in the fields of
veterinary radiation oncology, medical oncology, stereotactic
radiosurgery (SRS), and medical physics includes:

  • Neal Mauldin, DVM, DACVR (RO), DACVIM (Oncology and Internal
    Medicine), PetCure Oncology Chief Medical Officer
  • Alan Katz, MD, JD
  • Eric Boshoven, DVM, DACVR (RO)
  • Rodney Ayl, BSc, BVSc, MRCVS, DACVIM (Oncology), DACVR (RO)
  • Sarah Charney, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), DACVR (RO)
  • Blaise Burke, DVM, MS, DACVR (RO)
  • Monique Mayer, DVM, DACVR (RO)
  • Keijiro Shiomitsu DVM, DACVR (RO)
  • Xiaodong Wu, PhD [medical physicist]
  • Teboh Roland, PhD, DABR [radiation oncology physicist]

About PetCure Oncology

Cancer accounts for nearly 50 percent of all disease-related pet deaths
and is the leading cause of death in older dogs and cats. PetCure
Oncology is revolutionizing cancer care for pets by establishing
veterinary SRS centers across the country. Centers in Phoenix,
and Clifton,
are operational. Locations in Wisconsin and Illinois are slated
to open in the next few months, with many more in various stages of
development across the country.

To learn more or obtain a referral to PetCure Oncology, visit
or call (773) 850-3400.


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