Pillsy Launches First Smart Pill Bottle and Mobile App

Pillsy Empowers Consumers to Live Longer, Higher-Quality Lives by
Simplifying Pill Taking

the first smart pill bottle and mobile app that helps users take control
of their health and the health of others, has launched and is now
available for purchase online. The first round of products are expected
to ship in early summer 2017. Through the use of modern design,
technology and a seamless user experience, Pillsy helps consumers
remember and track their vitamins and medication.

Serial entrepreneurs Jeff LeBrun, Chuks Onwuneme, and Otto Sipe founded
Pillsy in 2015 to make it easier for people to stay healthy while
simultaneously simplifying the pill-taking process. Pillsy connects to
your phone using Bluetooth 4.0 and senses when the bottle is opened and
closed. This information is synced to your phone and provides
intelligent reminders both via the bottle and your smartphone when a
dose is forgotten.

Key features include:

  • Automatic tracking: The Pillsy smart pill bottle automatically
    tracks when you take a dose.
  • Intelligent reminders: Pillsy sends reminders when you forget
    doses. Choose from push notifications, text messages, and even
    automated phone calls.
  • Double dose warnings: Pillsy can send alerts when you take
    multiple doses too quickly. You can also view your history over time.
  • Smart snoozing: If you’re away from your pills you can snooze
    your reminders until you’re nearby.
  • Family sharing: Use Pillsy to help care for a loved one. Choose
    to get notifications when they miss doses, or get weekly reports.

Although almost 70 percent of Americans have a prescription, about 50
percent of these people do not take their prescription medications as
prescribed, a phenomenon known as medication non-adherence. Not only is
non-adherence costly to consumers ($100 billion each year in excess
hospitalizations1), but it also contributes to the loss of
125,000 lives each year.2 Pillsy helps to prevent these
losses by streamlining the pill-taking process.

“Non-adherence is not only dangerous, but also expensive,” said LeBrun,
who is Pillsy’s Chief Executive Officer. “Non-adherence is costing the
healthcare system about $300 billion in wasteful spending each year; if
we could solve this problem it would be enough to cover the healthcare
costs of about 30 million Americans.”

Pillsy has launched sales exclusively on its website
with a 50% off early bird discount lasting until the end of the day on
May 5th.

About Pillsy
Pillsy is the first smart pill bottle and
mobile app that helps users take control of their health and care for
loved ones. Pillsy
was founded in 2015 by Jeff LeBrun, Chuks Onwuneme, and Otto Sipe to
prevent medication non-adherence, an issue that costs consumers $100
billion each year in excess hospitalizations
and leads to 125,000
unnecessary deaths each year. The diverse Pillsy team has worked on apps
and Bluetooth-based products at Microsoft, Fitbit, Nokia, Jawbone and
other startups. Pillsy is an alumni of the 500 Startups and HAX
Accelerator programs in San Francisco.

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