Reimagine Launches #MoreThan Viral Campaign and Clinically-Proven Core Program to Help Millions Who Have Been Touched By Cancer

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Reimagine, the most helpful collection of resources for those
touched by cancer, is excited to announce their #MoreThan Campaign
and the launch of the unique Core Program! Millions who have been
touched by cancer are the heart of the #MoreThan Viral Campaign and
Reimagine is asking the community to help spread the word starting
today, Tuesday, October 13th and will run for 8 weeks till
November 30th.

The campaign kick starts across all Reimagine social media outlets
including Facebook,
and Instagram!
Reimagine is asking for everyone across the world to join in by creating
and posting their very own #MoreThan submissions. Patients, Survivors,
Family and Friends who are participating in the campaign to help support
those who have been touched by cancer will be featured in upcoming
stories on the editorial platform.

The #MoreThan Campaign

  • Users are to share how they or a loved one are #MoreThan cancer by
    highlighting things in their lives outside of cancer. Then,
    participants are to tag people in their social media posts who are
    also #MoreThan cancer.
  • Then, members of the campaign are to upload photos of their loved one
    or of themselves with a sign explicitly stating #MoreThan or of them
    in an activity showing us how they live a #MoreThan lifestyle.
  • Reimagine will select 1 winner each week to receive a free Core
    Program subscription. The winner will be announced at the end of each
    week and may include additional giveaways of Core Program
    subscriptions for specific participating partners.

The Core Program Launch

The #MoreThan Campaign is also joined by the launch of Reimagine’s Core
Program, the only resource clinically proven to help reduce the
emotional impact of cancer. The Core Program is a series of ten online
modules with activities, videos, and live sessions that have been proven
to reduce stress, relieve fear, and clear away confusion for anyone
touched by cancer, friends or family. Backed by more than a decade of
research with the National Cancer Institute, the Duke Cancer Institute,
and the Livestrong Foundation, the Core Program is proven to help cancer
patients, survivors, and friends and family with a 96% success rate. The
program is available to the public beginning October 13th,
and entrants to the #MoreThan Campaign will be selected to win free
subscriptions to the Core Program.

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Michele Marie PR
Stephanie Channell, 646-863-3923