Skin Garden’s Point Makeup Products Popular as a Gift for Those Graduating from or Entering into a School

a K-beauty cosmetics shop located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is crowded with
customers looking for gifts in the graduation and school entrance season.

From mid February, the graduation period, to April when entrance
ceremonies are held in schools, K-beauty cosmetic products are popular
as a gift item for those graduating from or entering school.

For the college freshmen or those taking their first steps into the
“real world,” point makeup products to accentuate a single feature in
the face, such as lips, are popular rather than the overly fashionable
makeup. As a result of this trend, “Berrisom Angle Lip Tattoo” is very
popular in Skin Garden as a gift for people graduating from or entering

Angle Lip Tattoo
” is a lip gloss version of “Berrisom
Oops! My Lip Tint Pack
.” It is easy to apply and the color is
long-lasting as if tattooed on the lips, which eliminates the need to
fix makeup. The lovely design that touches women’s heart and the bright
colors add the popularity of this product.

Skincare sets to moisturize the skin that has become dry because of the
use of heaters and cold wind in winter are also popular items for the
season. In Skin Garden stores, professional consultants provide
assistance so that the customers can pick out and purchase skincare
products that best suit their skin types.

Jung Joo Park, Manager at Skin Garden said, “Among Japanese women,
K-beauty has been established as a trend. To reflect this, customers
looking for Korean cosmetics as a gift for people graduating from and
entering school are rapidly increasing.”

Continuously publicizing the technological power and excellence of
Korean cosmetics, Skin Garden, which has four branches in Japan, is a
K-beauty select shop offering over 500 varieties of Korean cosmetics
including Day By Day brand of Gyeongbuk Cosmetics Industry Development


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