Skye Intelligence Technology Announces Skye Orbit, a New Quadcopter Drone and App with Precise Auto-Follow and Instant Social Sharing Capabilities

Skye Orbit provides hands-free, high-resolution aerial photography
built for iOS platform with high-speed tracking

XI’AN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Skye Intelligence
, inventor of a hands-free camera drone designed for
outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy capturing and sharing great moments, is
announcing Skye Orbit, a quadcopter drone that allows for precise auto
follow tracking and instant social sharing. Images and videos taken from
Skye Orbit can be immediately edited and shared on Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram and WeChat.

Skye Orbit offers high resolution, hands-free aerial photography and
comes with a small, lightweight, wearable tracker. With an ultra-high
precision image locking system that tracks moving objects automatically,
flights are controlled from every aspect inside the Skye app. Skye Orbit
contains a patented auto-follow system, a patented flight control system
and a patented integrated tracking system.

Through the Skye app, users can run, walk, bike, ski and hike by setting
up the quadcopter to follow those carrying the Skye GPS tracker. The
Skye app also allows for manual flight control. Once in the air, the
Skye Orbit camera can take pictures and videos with a resolution up to
16M pixels with a mere 170-millisecond delay. With Skye Orbit, it takes
only 20 seconds to download a 60 second 1080p high definition video.

“Skye Orbit and Skye app give customers more than just a typical drone,”
said Xiaoyan Gui, Ph.D., CTO, Skye Intelligence Technology. “This
quadcopter takes amazing videos, from beautiful landscapes to recording
as you run, showing form and function as you exercise, all with a
hands-free experience.”

The Skye app also includes a rich set of editing tools, allowing for an
artistic and innovative touch to images and videos. The app is built for
iOS 8.0 and above, and will be compatible with iPhone 5 and above,
including iPads. The company plans on releasing the Android version Q4

Specifications of the Skye Orbit include:

  • Weight (including battery): 2.8 pounds
  • Exterior dimension: 15.7 X 18.5 X 4.2 inches
  • Hovering accuracy: vertical 1.6 feet, horizontal 1 foot
  • Speed: Horizontal 39.4 feet per second max. Vertical 16.4 feet per
    second max, Angular 180°/s max
  • Tilting angle: 25° max
  • Battery: 5100mAh lithium ION Battery
  • Flight time: approximately 22min

Skye Intelligence has set up a Kickstarter campaign to go along with the
launch of the Skye Orbit drone, which is expected to deliver in June
2016. With an initial price of $499.00, the goal for the campaign is to
raise $200,000. After the Kickstarter campaign, the suggested retail
price will be $899.00. To find out more about the Kickstarter campaign,
the Skye Intelligence Technology or Skye Orbit, visit

About Skye Intelligence Technology

Skye Intelligence Technology focuses on building and applying next
generation smart robotics and artificial intelligence. The company is
the creator of the innovative Skye Orbit a hands-free camera drone
designed for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy capturing and sharing great
moments. Skye Intelligence’s R&D team includes researchers and
scientists from renowned research institutions, and engineers and
cutting-edge leaders within the industry. For more information, please


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