South Korea Plastic Surgery, a Systematic Approach to the Natural Facial Contour

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Asian people, especially women, prefer a more delicate and feminine
facial shape. To achieve a softer and better facial contour, there are
several procedures to change the facial contour

Zygoma reduction and mandible reduction are common facial contouring
operations in Korea. Various techniques have been developed
independently by the specialists. Numerous contouring methods can be
chosen depending on the surgeon’s technical preferences and surgical

1) Remove Cheekbone

Zygoma reduction actually reduces the size of zygoma and gives natural
3D effect, making your face look smaller. Tightening 3D Zygoma Reduction
minimizes the detachment of the skin from the bone in the cheekbone
area, and utilizes upward direction adhesion, resulting in sagging free
cheeks with lifting effect via pulling of the muscles during the
surgery. Tightening 3D Zygoma Reduction is your best option if you have
protruding zygoma with saggy skin.

2) Remove Jawbone

Bodylong Curved Square Jaw Reduction puts bone structure, skin
elasticity, fat layer thickness, and muscle content into consideration
for customized jaw reduction. Bodylong Curved Square Jaw Reduction gives
smooth and slim jawline from any angle, reducing the actual size of the
face giving the sleekest vline.

3) Reduce or add chin

T-osteotomy doesn’t only work on weak chin with long face, but also
effective in lengthy or short chin. T-osteotomy is applied to lengthen
or shorten the chin without additional fillers or chin implant, creating
a perfectly balanced vline.

To create a natural and beautiful face shape with systematic approach,
various elements such as appearance ratio and facial volume shall be
considered before the surgery.

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