Speech Processing Solutions Launches Philips SpeechAir Smart Voice Recorder

Next-generation mobile voice technology solution provides optimal
efficiency and flexibility

Processing Solutions
, the market leader in professional
systems, today announced the release of Philips
, a revolutionary mobile voice recorder. The new
touchscreen device, which is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled, is designed
for busy professionals who need the ability to dictate and share files
from any location. It seamlessly connects with all Philips dictation
solutions, allowing for a complete mobile workflow dictation solution.

Philips SpeechAir combines the latest voice technology advancements such
as a camera and barcode scanner, along with traditional dictation
features including a comfortable slide-switch, extended battery life,
professional voice file editing and maximum security controls. The
device is built on the Android operating system and features the
following additional benefits:

  • Superior sound recording quality: SpeechAir features three
    professional microphones that deliver ultimate sound quality in any
    recording situation. The 360 degree microphone is ideal for dictations
    and meetings; the directional microphone is best-suited for noisy
    environments; and a third microphone is dedicated to VoIP technology.
  • Maximum data security: SpeechAir recordings are encrypted in
    real-time using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a key
    length of 256 bits for maximum data security. The device also features
    a PIN code to protect against unauthorized use, and features such as
    the camera can be locked.
  • Complete dictation workflow support: SpeechAir is compatible
    with all Philips dictation solutions including the Philips SpeechLive
    cloud-based dictation and transcription solution. In addition, it
    offers forwarding rules to ease file-sharing between authors and
    transcriptionists and offers Wi-Fi controls for employees to ensure
    file security.

“Philips SpeechAir gives users in all industries the best of both worlds
by combining the best of smartphones with that of professional dictation
devices, so they can achieve optimal productivity and workflow
efficiency without sacrificing sound or work quality,” Dr. Thomas
Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions. “This next-generation
device was developed with on-the-go professionals in mind, allowing them
the flexibility they need regardless of where they are or when they need
to record, share and transcribe files.”

Learn more about Speech Processing Solutions and Philips voice
technology products by visiting www.philips.com/dictation.

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About Speech Processing Solutions

Processing Solutions
is the global number one in professional
dictation. Founded in Austria in 1954 as part of Philips, the company
has been the driving force in speech-to-text
innovations for over 60 years. Always striving for excellence and
putting emphasis on outstanding quality, the company has designed
groundbreaking products, such as the portable Philips Pocket Memo voice
recorder, the Philips SpeechMike Premium dictation microphone and the
Philips SpeechExec dictation recorder app for smartphones. The latest
innovation, Philips SpeechLive, makes dictation quicker and more
convenient than ever before, by bringing secure dictation workflow to
the cloud. With solutions perfectly tailored to individual industry
needs, Speech Processing Solutions saves professionals’ time and
resources, allowing them to work as efficiently as possible.


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