Tender Fit Specialty Wear Helps Breast Cancer Surgery Patients Recover More Comfortably and Efficiently, Lessens Lymphedema Symptoms

The Tender Fit website provides valuable insight to the importance
of this specialized wear for both post-surgery and long after recovery,
and guides patients to easily select what’s ideal for them

offers women recovering from mastectomy, lumpectomy,
reconstruction, augmentation, reduction, heart, chest and shoulder
surgeries — as well as the effects of lymphedema — the most
comfortable and supportive bras available
to date.

Physical Therapist Assistant certified in lymphedema Kim Laguna founded
Tender Fit after many years of helping women post-mastectomy. She
discovered that some of the patients she treated after breast cancer
surgery — whether the surgery was recent or as long as 30-years ago —
were affected with lymphedema either on their arm, chest, back or
axillary region.

Laguna says that her patients and other women in the community stated
how extremely tight and uncomfortable their post-surgical bras were,
which led to many irritations and in some cases swelling. Having nowhere
to support their drain tubes was an issue which left patients in
situations to either pin or devise a method of placement inside the bra.

Laguna says that being certified in lymphedema and understanding the
lymphatic system gave her the insight to create a Post-Surgical
; a Mastectomy
Bra Set
and a Shirt
with Built-in Bra
that is properly designed to facilitate fluids,
increase tissue healing and decrease risks of irritations.

Proprietary in design, made in the U.S.A. (patent pending), the bras are
constructed of unique fabrics that offer gentle compression and
expansion where needed. All styles are equipped with removable drain

The Post-Surgical
pre-surgery (cleared by the surgeon) gets donned during the
procedure, thus allowing for a more comfortable recovery and proper
healing. The Post-Surgical Bra and Mastectomy
set can be worn day and night.

Tender Fit’s products are available for purchase at www.tenderfit.com
as well as several stores across South Florida.

Tender Fit supplies products to the Veterans Administration Hospitals
through their partnership with Veterans Medical Supply, Inc., the sole
source of these products for the VA Hospitals and their Women’s Clinics.

The Tender Fit website features an educational
that overviews the different types of post-surgical bras and
how they benefit the healing and recovery processes. The site also
features a testimonial
that provides encouragement from women who have used Tender Fit

For more information visit www.tenderfit.com.
The company can be reached directly via email at contact@tenderfit.com
or by phone at 754.422.7316.

About Tender Fit, Inc.

Tender Fit was established in 2013 by Kim Laguna, a Physical Therapist
Assistant certified in lymphedema. The company is a provider of
Specialty Breast Surgery Wear for patients healing and adjusting
from mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction, augmentation, reduction,
heart, chest and shoulder surgeries as well as the effects of lymphedema.


For Tender Fit, Inc.
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