TerraVia and Bunge Announce Seafoodexport to Bring AlgaPrime™ DHA to EU Animal Nutrition Market

AlgaPrime DHA Provides a Sustainable Source
of Omega-3s for Animal Nutrition Without Further Depleting Marine Fish

SAN FRANCISCO & WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TerraVia Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:TVIA) (“TerraVia”) and Bunge Limited
(NYSE:BG) (“Bunge”) announced today that Seafoodexport, one of the
largest distributors of fish oil to the European pet food industry, will
act as a distributor of AlgaPrime DHA, a native whole algae
source of omega-3s and a sustainable specialty feed ingredient, in the
European pet and production animal segment. DHA, docosahexaenoic acid,
is an essential long chain omega-3 fatty acid that plays a critical role
in supporting the healthy development of humans and animals.

To meet demand for omega-3s in the pet food and production animal feed
markets, sustainable and responsibly sourced alternatives are urgently
needed to augment ingredients currently produced from wild marine fish
stocks. AlgaPrime DHA provides a sustainable, scalable and
economically viable source of omega-3s with virtually no environmental
contaminants or heavy metals. As an alternative to ingredients like fish
oil and oils present in fish meal produced from forage fish, AlgaPrime
DHA can ease the industry’s reliance on wild fish capture and help
preserve the ocean environment by reducing depletion of small marine

“The European pet food industry uses more than 50,000 metric tons of
high quality fish oil each year,” said David Sussmann, President of
Seafoodexport. “As demand increases for wild marine fish stocks,
Seafoodexport sees AlgaPrime DHA as a critical ingredient in
feed formulations that will allow continued sustainable growth in the

“Global demand for omega-3s is growing in aquaculture, human and in
animal nutrition markets,” added Graham Ellis, Senior Vice President,
TerraVia.“On a DHA basis, one metric ton of AlgaPrimeDHA is
the equivalent of saving up to 40 metric tons of wild caught fish from
our oceans. Providing this new, cost effective and sustainable source of
omega-3s helps address this broad and growing demand.”

AlgaPrime DHA is currently being made at scale in TerraVia
and Bunge’s SB Renewable Oils joint venture facility in Brazil. The
facility embodies the principles of sustainable production to produce
algae-based products with low carbon, water and land use impacts. Based
on sugarcane feedstock, AlgaPrime DHA has a lower
environmental impact and higher yield per hectare than DHA produced from
other microalgae sources or high-DHA oil seed crops.

About TerraVia

TerraVia is a plant based food, nutrition and specialty ingredients
company that harnesses the power of algae, the mother of all plants and
earth’s original superfood. With a portfolio of breakthrough ingredients
and manufacturing, the Company is well positioned to help meet the
growing need of consumer packaged goods and established and emerging
food manufacturers to improve the nutritional profile of foods without
sacrificing taste, and to develop select consumer brands. The Company
also manufactures a range of specialty personal care ingredients for key
strategic partners. Headquartered in South San Francisco, the Company’s
mission is to create products that are truly better for people and
better for the planet. For additional information, please visit
TerraVia’s website at www.terravia.com.

About Bunge Limited

Bunge Limited (www.bunge.com,
NYSE:BG) is a leading global agribusiness and food company operating in
over 40 countries with approximately 35,000 employees. Bunge buys,
sells, stores and transports oilseeds and grains to serve customers
worldwide; processes oilseeds to make protein meal for animal feed and
edible oil products for commercial customers and consumers; produces
sugar and ethanol from sugarcane; mills wheat, corn and rice to make
ingredients used by food companies; and sells fertilizer in South
America. Founded in 1818, the company is headquartered in White Plains,
New York.

About Seafoodexport

Seafoodexport (www.seafoodexport.com)
is specialized in the production, distribution and sales of seafood and
fish oils on a global scale. Based in Marseille in the heart of the
Mediterranean and strengthened by our partnerships with more than 40
production centers and fishing vessels throughout the world, we export
to over 60 countries and are one of the leaders in our sector.

Forward Looking Statements

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statements about TerraVia that involve risks and uncertainties
concerning: the timing, cost and scalability of production and
distribution and sales of AlgaPrime DHA and its economic viability and
environmental impact; the ability of AlgaPrime DHA to address demand for
omega-3s, including for use in pet food; the ability of AlgaPrime DHA
production to help preserve the marine environment; growing demand for
omega-3s; the attributes of AlgaPrime DHA, including as to omega-3
content and cost-effectiveness, its ability to reduce reliance on wild
fish and save wild fish; the environmental impact of the production
facility; market acceptance of products; and the ability to maintain
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commercial risk in deploying new products; its ability to successfully
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