The Japan-based “NETCATCHER NETCH” Launching Service in Korea as “AKIBA CATCHER”

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Netch Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; CEO and Representative
Director: Minoru Hirashima; hereinafter, “Netch”), the
developer/operator of Japan’s biggest Net Catcher “NETCATCHER NETCH
(Japanese brand name)” boasting 500,000 registered members and
consistent availability of over 250 kinds of Japan-made prizes, launched
“AKIBA CATCHER (international brand name)”, a version of the NETCATCHER
NETCH service designed for users in Korea, on October 20.


Already in service in the Republic of China (Taiwan), the AKIBA CATCHER
service is now available in ten countries and areas including Hong Kong,
Thai, Singapore, Malaysia, US, Germany, France and Italy, in addition to
Korea, all at the same time.

With “AKIBA CATCHER”, players can enjoy real-time operation of the real
skill-crane game in Japan via Internet. You simply sign-up for free
membership registration at the game site, use your credit card to
purchase dedicated play points (NP), select a prize to pursue, and then
challenge the game for a win! Any prizes won are shipped directly from
Starting from the highly and globally popular anime figures
and stuffed animals/characters as leading choices, the game prizes
include a variety of healing characters and the classic characters
appearing in the globally popular games as well as other “AKIBA CATCHER”
original ones.

Cerebrating the expansion of its serviced areas, a “Once-a-week
virtually free* shipment campaign” is going on.
* After the
prize gets shipped on a regular cost, the play points (NP) equaling the
shipment cost gets reimbursed.

How to Use:

  1. Sign-up for free registration at
  2. Select the prize you would like to play for from the product list.
  3. Click “Reserve a Play” on the playing screen.
  4. When your turn comes, click on the “Start” button (up to 4 people can
    reserve play for a single prize article).
  5. Take aim at the prize by manipulating the horizontal and vertical
    buttons in order.
  6. Make the prize fall off the front of the screen to win it.
  7. Any item(s) won will be shipped.

* Note that inquiry services are available only in English.
* One
play costs 1,100 NP, minimum.

About Netch Co., Ltd. (As of September 2016)
Corporate Name:
Netch Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 7F Ichigo Higashi-ikebukuro Building,
1-35-5 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013, Japan
September 2012
Capital: 213.8 million JPY (including capital
Employees: 46
Business: Planning, development and
management of NETCATCHER NETCH.


Press Contacts
Netch Co., Ltd.
Dai Nishimura,
FAX: 81-3-5957-7660