Toro Management, LLC DBA SYLK Announces That Its Product SYLK® Has Received Its FDA 510(k) Clearance as a Class II Medical Device

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Toro Management, LLC DBA SYLK, the exclusive manufacturer and
distributor of SYLK® personal lubricant in the United States,
is proud to announce that The Company received its FDA 510(k) Clearance
as a Class II Medical Device on March 10, 2016. SYLK® has
proven its safety and effectiveness as a personal lubricant and is now
cleared as a medical device to market and sell to the masses in the
United States. At the present, many consumers are unaware that all
personal lubricants being sold in the United States are required to have
a Class II Medical Device Clearance and the manufacturer must be
registered with the FDA. The successful receipt of our 510(k) Clearance
as a Class II Medical Device is a monumental step for SYLK®
in the United States and The Company is proud to offer the superior all
natural personal moisturizing lubricant on the market today. SYLK®
has been sold in New Zealand and Australia since the 1980’s and also has
been a trusted product and sold in the United Kingdom since the 1990’s
where SYLK® has also received its prestigious CE

Mariessa Mahfouz, founder of Toro Management and CEO of SYLK®
comments, “Since acquiring the exclusive distribution rights of SYLK®
here in the United States, The Company made a significant financial
commitment to move forward with a 510(k) submission to become cleared by
the FDA as a Class II Medical Device. The amount of time, dedication,
and patience that this process took was extraordinary but we knew that
outcome would be well worth the considerable effort. The entire SYLK®
team feels so strongly about our product and how SYLK®
benefits women and men from all walks of life that this was a
straightforward and necessary decision to pursue and successfully secure
our status as a Class II Medical Device. We could not have accomplished
this feat without the meticulous and professional guidance of Jeff
Morgan and Jim Dunning of QPC Services. As our 510(k) consultants, Jeff
and Jim exhibited the utmost professionalism, courtesy, and care
throughout the entire process.”

Ms. Mahfouz further comments, “As the best all-natural product in its
category, we have known all along how safe and effective SYLK®
is and our FDA Medical Device Clearance confirms what we have always
known. Now, consumers en masse in the United States can enjoy the
benefits of SYLK® just as New Zealanders and Australians have
for 30 years. New Zealand is a country with one of best reputations on
the planet for creating the highest quality natural products. The
Kiwifruit Plant Extract from New Zealand, that is the exclusive and
differentiating ingredient found in SYLK®, also shares this
same reputation. We could not be more thrilled to bring SYLK®
as a cleared Class II Medical Device to the U.S. population.”

About Us

Toro Management, LLC DBA SYLK (“The Company“) is the exclusive
manufacturer and distributor of SYLK® Natural Moisturizing
Lubricant in the United States and its other territories. “The
owns the exclusive distribution rights in the United
States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, and China for SYLK®.
SYLK is the premium all-natural personal lubricant that has been sold in
Australia and New Zealand since the 1980’s and sold in the United
Kingdom since the 1990’s. In the United States, SYLK® is now
an FDA cleared Class II Medical Device.


Toro Management, LLC DBA SYLK
Mariessa Mahfouz, 480-207-5270
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